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Danby Countertop Dishwasher DDW497W

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i love my Danby but its developed a problem


im having a problem with it draining the soap and leaveaves soap all over dides and it wont com off and the jet dry leaks out

Gallatin mo. 64640


Great little dishwasher for apartments that don't come with one.


This great little dishwasher sits under the cabinets, on the counter next to the sink and works out great in apartments that have no dishwasher. I bought ours online a few years ago and it is still going strong, with the exception of one replacement part that was not covered by the warranty. I called Danby, ordered the part and everything has worked since. Noise Level That is the only drawback of this one. It is noisy! It growls like a dog for short periods of time making it hard to watch TV even in the next room or to sleep at night with it running. Loading Flexibility When I said little, I meant it! Don't try to put more than an 8" frying pan in there or the door won't close. Performance There are times when I have to rewash something that had stuff caked on but a pre-rinse under the faucet usually prevents this issue. Design Great! It fits under most kitchen cabinets in apartments built between the 60's and 80's. Durability The front is plastic. It looks nice but does crack after a while.



Couldn't ask for more.


I don't have this exact model but a very similar one by Danby (DDW497W). I must say, it is hands down, the best thing I have ever bought. It really does the dishes and because temp doesn't rise too high, I can even wash many items that are not dishwasher safe. The only catch is, this is not a washer for a family, or even a couple if you eat many meals at home. The washer is small and despite what the manual says, you cannot fit 4 bowls, plates, cups and saucers in at the same time. At best, I think I've managed about 6 bowls, 3 plates and 2 cups along with all the silverware. However, at less than half the cost of a regular dishwasher, I expected less than half the space. Also, it doesn't use a ton of water, so running multiple washes doesn't drive up the water bill. I've had mine for about 4 years now and I can't imagine living with out it. Noise Level About as loud as some older dishwashers. Cleaning Time Just a quick spray with your sink hose to clean the drain. Durability Mine is 4 years old and going strong!

Columbus, OH


Danby Countertop Dishwasher DDW497W

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