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Danby Counter-Top Portable Dishwasher

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I am glad it is discontinued!


I live in an apartment and do not have room for a full size dishwasher. I absolutely hate doing dishes by hand so I decided to try the Danby Counter-Top Portable Dishwasher. I quickly began to regret this purchase. This was easy to set up and fit just fine on my counter. For my boyfriend and I the size was fine but if you have a large family it would be too small. The problems with this machine started from day one! The first time I used this, it did not fully clean my dishes so I had to run it twice. Running it twice was a frequent occurrence while I had this, because it simply did not clean well. One day the glass on the dishwashers' door simply fell out. We were able to get it back in because Danby actually had instructions on their website on how to fix the problem. After a while, I began to notice the machine leaking occasionally. One day I came home to find a pool of water filling my kitchen. That was the end of using that horrible dishwasher! Cleaning Time Since I usually had to run the machine more than once to clean my dishes, the cleaning time was long. Performance I had to frequently run the machine twice to get my dishes completely clean. Design The glass fell out of the front of my machine. After looking online I found out that it was a common problem because of a design flaw. Durability This dishwasher lasted a few months before it started having problems. It began to leak and then the glass fell out.



great idea!!


this is amazing and a great deal and an awesome idea! love that you don't have to have a built in to have a dishwasher! i don't own one but a friend and her husband do. i wish i would have known about it when i was washing dishes by hand in my apartment! cool new innovative idea! glad someone found it!

Pella, IA


Good deal for price, just be sure to buy the extended warranty.


This is a good machine for small spaces/ small families. It is affordable and does a great job cleaning dishes. This dishwasher is easy to install and operate, uses very little power and doesn't take up much counter space.The machine itself could be studier though, an extended warranty is a must have if you purchase this unit. Some of the door and window inserts are made of plastic and they do not handle high temperatures or daily wear and tear as well as they should. However, the DW946 is an improvement over it's predescessor, the DDW396 and is a good buy for the money.

Tacoma, WA


4 years and still runs great


I got this because I live in an apartment, and hate doing dishes, but it is something that needs to be done. I'm giving it 4 stars, because while I've been very pleased with how well it runs, I wish it didn't take up as much counterspace. I have been looking for a heavy duty cart of some sort to place it on, which might solve the problem, but I haven't found anything that I feel could adequately handle the weight of the machine. My landlord has been impressed with this dishwasher in terms of it not needing any drastic modifications to my plumbing to use it. It comes with a connector piece that you replace the little strainer thing on the spigot with to attach the hose, but it is something that can be easily reversed and since my lease says I can't make any modifications the landlord was pleased with the connection. I wouldn't recomend this dishwasher for a home of more then 2 people since it is small in size and can only hold upto 4 place settings, but for a single individual it is awesome! I have truely enjoyed having it aside from the counterspace issue, and having had it for 4 nearly 5 years, I can say it it reliable I haven't had to have any repairs done on it the whole time I have had it.

Warren, PA


My Danby is perfect for a one person houshold


This Danby DDW497W is a small dishwasher that fits perfectly on my kitchen counter-tops underneath the hanging cabinets. It is perfect for a budget conscious one person household with limited space. It fits up to four place sets. The five different wash cycles include: Intensive wash, normal wash, rapid wash, economy wash, and pre-wash. The cycles are easily selectable with push buttons and also offer a delay option of up to 24 hours. Washing times range from twelve minutes for the pre-wash program to one-hundred and thirty minutes in the normal wash cycle. Water temperature does not exceed one-hundred and thirty degrees Fahrenheit; and water consumption ranges anywhere between eleven to twenty-two pints. The dishwasher is designed to connect to the kitchen sink water faucet with an easy to install and easy to disconnect and reconnect adapter called the Quick Connect. Using the appliance is as easy as turning on the hot water faucet, and pushing two buttons. Used water drains automatically through the same quick connector into the kitchen sink. The inside of the Danby is stainless steel with a rotating spray arm on the bottom and a removable filter screen to wash away residual food after the wash cycle. This appliance has saved me so much time slaving over my dishes, I absolutely love it!

Tucson, AZ


This Small dishwasher works really well


I recommended this dishwasher to a friend of mine after I read all ot the reviews and I have to say that its about the size of a microwave oven and it gets your dishes so clean that I want to get me one of these. I dont have a lot of money to spend so I guess this will be the one that I will be getting in a couple of months. 

Oakland, CA


Size is not important with a Danby Dishwasher.


The Danby Free-Standing Dishwasher DDW496W is perfect for singles and small families.  It's just me and my husband so it could easily take over a week for us to fill up a standard dishwasher.  I never liked running a dishwasher that wasn't full.  That is so wasteful!  And if we waited until the dishwasher was full there would always be the moment when the pot, pan, or dish I needed to add that little extra to impromptu casual entertaining would be ... you got it!... in the dishwasher.  I wish I had known about the Danby when I lived in that cramped little condo in San Francisco.  So often we would just do the dishes by hand instead of waiting for a full load.  Meanwhile, the regular sized dishwasher just sat that taking up up much needed space that could have been used for storage. The Danby would be great for singles and couples just starting out.  Perfect for small apartments and condos.  Also, a great idea for second homes: cottage or condo at the beach, cabin by the lake.

Toledo, OR


worth it!


This little dishwasher ROCKS!! It has a sanitzer which i use with each load...  I've had mine for 3 years with no problems!!  It sits right on my countertop & is always mistaken for a microwave oven.  I was skeptical at 1st because the reviews said it lasted about a year...  but mine is still washing my dishes nice & clean! I would recommend this to any single or 2 person household...  Not a single complaint!!

Belleville, NJ


If you want to go green start here


This unit may look small but its goona pack a big punch. First the unit is small enough and takes up so little power to go in a trailer or motorhome.I have a appartment and this worked well. Heads up dorm students this is for you. Second this unit uses so little water maybe about 2 gallons for an entire wash on the longest cycle.It takes in about 4 place settings. Yes it will do pots and other bigger pieces, but hey its not family size so you are gonna go a few rounds with it if you expect it to clear a Thanksgiving dinner.Third this unit has a nice flatware rack/cup that can be removed so other items can be washed in a differenet configuration. It is simple to use and easy dial to read. Do not even need to know english to operate. The see true window is a nice feature as well as the easy hook up.It is quiet but not the quietest dishwasher I have seen.I put a foam workout mat under mine and it got real quiet. For the price you pay where may be a few things more to wish for like a auto shut off. I am sure something still stays on. You can't go wrong with this purchase. It is more then worth its money in savings and time for the single person or couple!!

Asbury Park, NJ


Danby Counter-Top Portable Dishwasher

4.0 9