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Danby 10.0 cu. ft. Freestanding Top-Freezer Refrigerator DFF282SLDB


Danby39s reputation as a leader in serving the appliance market has been achieved by producing innovative quality products at competitive pricing All of Danby39s products meet and exceed all environmental safety standards and offer UL CSA NRTL and

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Great for small kitchen


I'm really enjoying my new fridge! It's quieter than the Whirlpool that it replaced (though it still comes on with a noticeable click). It's much smaller than the typical home-sized fridge, which means (as a height-challenged person) I can store my electric pressure cooker on top of it and still be able to reach it. Also, the shallower design means that it doesn't stick way out in front of the counters/cabinets. Of course, the small footprint also means that you get less storage space, but with only 2 of us in the household it has been working fine (with the addition of a new Danby chest freezer that I also love). The only issue was that when we first put food in it, we had trouble getting the temperature low enough (even though we had it plugged in a few hours beforehand). It turned out that we had food blocking the air vent coming out in the middle of the top shelf, and the cold air couldn't circulate well enough, so the food next to the vent got frozen and the rest of the cabinet was a few degrees above acceptable temperature even with the fridge on the lowest setting. Once we cleared out that area of the top shelf, we have had no problem with the temperature, although we still need to keep it on the coldest setting. The freezer has had no temperature problems. Noise Level Quieter than previous fridge but still a noticeable click when it turns on Interior Organization Adjustable interior shelves and lots of (non-adjustable) door shelves are really nice! Produce bin is a bit small. Temperature Control Fridge temperature control is marked in degrees, but doesn't seem to be accurate. Fridge seems to work fine as long as we keep it on the coldest setting. Freezer temperature control works well. Durability Have only had it running a few weeks; don't know about durability. Design It looks nice and is a nice size for our needs.



Danby 10.0 cu. ft. Freestanding Top-Freezer Refrigerator DFF282SLDB

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