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Dana Canoe Cologne For Men

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This Is The Best Cologne I have Ever Found Light & Citrusy


              There are so many types of Cologne on the market today and so many are expensive and do not set well with people. An aroma should be medium not too strong or too light. There are a lot of them that I can't use because they are too strong of a smell but I would like it enough to be able to tell I have it on. That brings me to this one which does impress me.                Dana's **Canoe Cologne For Men **was released in 1932 and is still on the top of the list as men's favorites or should I say women's favorites. I have never worn it that I never had a compliment on it. Canoe Cologne has a clean and fresh fruity citrus aroma at a decent price that is long lasting with a sexy twist. This is recommended to be worn almost any time which I agree with. It has no musty odor, it just reminds you of summer. My first choice for over thirty years. I still gets compliments from from many ladies. The small sample or spray bottles allow you to keep some in the car for a quick renewal. This is the only cologne that women regularly ask for the name, saying they want to buy some for their man.                There are only a few types I will wear but this is the one I prefer and will never stop wearing. I am a man who loves a good aroma and this is the one I would recommend to any man who wants something to impress a lady or tell a woman that she should get it for her other significant person in her life, or even her sons. Whatever the case it is my preference to all men's cologne.

Zirconia, NC


Dana Canoe Cologne For Men

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