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Dairy Queen
Dairy Queen - Buster Bar

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Quality hit the ditch long ago


Been trying these since the 1970's. Went from 1/2 fudge to less and less over time...now it's mostly soft serve and a stick dipped in poor chocolate....and it SUCKS!

Edmonton, Alberta


A pop of soft serve vanilla ice cream covered in chocolate.


How can you not love Dairy Queen? The Buster Bar is Dairy Queen soft serve vanilla ice cream on a Popsicle stick, covered in a hard chocolate shell with peanuts. Yum! I love that you can take a box of these treats home from Dairy Queen for later. Especially at the end of the summer when they close for the season.



Dessert on a Stick


I absolutely love ice cream, and Dairy Queen makes ice cream that is so thick and creamy, you won't want to stop at just a few spoonfuls.  Their Buster Bar is decadence on a stick because it combines all the goodness of Dairy Queen in an easy to go product.  This bar has a variety of textures and flavors to please any craving.  It starts with a sweet and creamy layer of their vanilla soft serve ice cream.  It is then layered with a rich and decadennt fudge topping and fresh roasted peanuts.  As if that wasn't sweet enough, the entire dessert is coated in chocolate.  I love that you get a little taste of everything in every bite and it is the perfect size for a luscious dessert.  Each bar 480 and 31 grams but it tastes amazing.  This is the perfect treat for those craving something rich and creamy, salty, or chocolatey.  It is perfect for a dessert on the go.

Las Vegas, NV


Dairy Queen - Buster Bar

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