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Daewoo 600 Watt 0.6 Cubic Feet Microwave Oven TM6NM5W

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Microwave heats well, but not what I had expected.


The microwave heats well, but when I cleaned it, the interior paint peeled off. I use just a sponge and dish soap or vinegar. It continues to peel on the bottom inside and it has rusted. Performance It heats well and the buttons are accurate. Like for a large (not the mini) bag of microwave popcorn, I can hit the "popcorn" button and it takes the exact time and no burning of the popcorn. I've had it where other microwaves burn it. Settings/Features As mentioned above in the "Performance", the settings are very accurate. Ease of Cleaning It is actually easy to clean, it's what happened after only a few cleanings where the paint peeled off. Ease of Use Again the settings are very accurate, and when not using the settings it's easy to set a time for a product to cook/heat up. Durability Durability issue is with the peeling of the bottom interior paint and rusting. I use nothing harsh in the microwave, so this should have never occurred. I was tempted to try using appliance paint to protect the interior, but it just keeps flaking in other areas, so an entirely new paint job would need to be done. This would not be worth the effort. Design The design of this microwave is fine. It's the interior that has the peeling on the bottom and it is also rusting. I would state that the company needs to reformulate their repainting of the interior.



Daewoo 600 Watt 0.6 Cubic Feet Microwave Oven TM6NM5W

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