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DAD'S Original Cat Food

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Good Quality, But Not Tasty Enough For My Cats


I did some research and I think that the Dad's cat food is a good quality cat food made by a good company. In addition, the price is right especially for big bags. The food is small crunchy pieces with almost no odor, definitely not an offensive odor. I did try for quite a while to feed my cats this food along with wet food and treats of other food, but over time I think they really came to hate this food. They did eat it at first, but after a couple of weeks thy would come running when I filled up their bowl, but then they reacted badly and I watched them spurn the cat food and actually back away from it like they really hated it. My cats are picky though, so I recommend you try this food, just don't buy a giant bag. They do sell a small bag of this food, I recommend you try that first and make sure the cats are still eating this food after a few weeks before you invest in a giant bag. Quality of Ingredients I've looked at the ingredients and the Dad's website and I really think this food is made with good quality ingredients.



Dad's knows how to feed my cats!!!


My Cats have a definite new favorite when it comes to there food!!! Dad's Original Brand Cat food is the go to for their dining pleasure. I love that it is made in the US following traditions started by the founder 'Dad" Lang. The food is affordable and full of goodness. My cats love to eat the food, they are at their healthiest and I get a happy contentment when I feed them knowing that they aren't eating lots of preservatives and fillers. I am very happy to recommend this or any of the other products from the 'Dad's' line of pet care.



DAD'S Original Cat Food

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