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DXG Technology
DXG Technology - DXG-518 Digital Camera

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Great for beginners.


This is a good camera for children and older people, who need to just point and shoot.  Super easy to use and very handy size to carry around. Pictures can be a little fuzzy if lighting isn't just right.  You have to have a steady hand too.  Overall, not too bad for the price.

Pittston, PA


Amazing picture quality and long lasting battery!


This camera is great for the price you pay. The battery lasts long, and the picture quality is great. You wont be dissapointed. The video is still good but could be better, but how often do you use a video on a digital camera? You can find this product at most major retail stores.

Midland, MI


This is a great camera for the person who likes to travel lite.


This is a great camera for the person who likes to point and shoot pictures.  This particular camera is almost idiot proof.  The shutter spped is a bit slow so fast action shots are often blurry.  For regular, everyday pictures, this is a great deal.

Lawrenceville, GA


It may look pretty, but this camera has NOTHING where it counts!


***The Case*** I was so excited to get this camera for Christmas last year.  Finally, a digital!  The first big place I took it to was Disneyworld, and it was there that I realized - this is one of the worst cameras ever! ***The Good*** I admit, the size of the DXG-518 is very handy.  It fits in almost any pocket, bag, or purse.  It's easy to carry around.  Plus, I do enjoy that there's a wide variety of settings.  You have all the basics and then some.  I got some truly spectacular shots of the Strip the last time I was in Vegas, and it's thanks to this camera.  However, the good does NOT outweigh the bad! ***The Bad*** The absolute worst thing about this camera is the focus.  I swear, it hates me.  Its got a serious shutter lag, and nearly 2/3's of my pics turn out terrible.  In addition to that, the video camera function is not the best.  99% of the time, the images don't match the sound.  And if that's not enough, it will suck your batteries dry faster than a vampire on the neck of a hot lady.  Overall, this camera just really, really sucks! ***The Verdict*** Two stars!  For God's sake, don't buy the DXG-518 digital camera unless you don't have any other options!

Austin, TX


DXG Technology - DXG-518 Digital Camera

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