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DV Digital Camcorder

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good starter camera


Great Camera for your basic home videos and still photos. very easy to use, if you are not tech savy. price is very affordable and you can get it in about any store such as circuit city or best buy. great gift for mother, father, sister, brother, niece, nephew,cousin, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle,husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, or just a friend. Great gift for the holidays to capture those holiday memories of the children or the adults.

Columbia, SC


this is an ok camcorder but the images are not as clear.


this camcorder is pretty good for the price but the clarity of the images needs improvementI would recommend this to others for the value. I think it makes a great gift. Would probably buy it again.  There are plenty of other camcorders on the market that cost so much more but they do have some great imaging.  My son will be using this for skateboarding shots.  I have been using this for family get togethers and it has been great fun.

Saint Louis, MO


this is a great camcorder would recommend to anyone.


this is a good camcorder and i have to say has not disapointed me at all. i basically use it on holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions and all my videos come out great. eventhough the name brand may not be that famous the camcorder has turned out to be for me one of my best purchases as of today.

Hazleton, PA


it's wonderful to capture all the great moments with this produc


i use this product at all of my family events as it captures every minute in great color and virtually makes you relive the moment all over again!  I have purchased this for all three of my nieces to take on their vacations so they can literally share the fun moments with the rest of us. When my daughter had her baby the expecting father  used the video recorder to make sure they would always have the special day to look back on and when i watched it I trully felt like I was in the delivery room with them. When i first received the product I was nervous that I would not be able to operate oit on my own but it was unbelieveable...I had no problem operating it with no help from any one. I recomend this product to everyone who would like to capture all their memoris for ever! Thank you for a great experience!

Stratton, ME


Bad Product Don't waste your money!


I purchased this product on a TV Shopping Network just before my special group cruise in January. There were 20 people on the ship and none of us could figure out how to make the flash work. All of the still pictures I took were too dark even if we were in natural daylight, and they were very poor quality, very blurry. It was so disappointing since the camera had so many  neat features for such a good price, but not worth a penny if it does not work!I had to send it back for a refund,but I was still out for the shipping.

Huntsville, TX


Just ok


Received this camera and sorry to say it is not what I expected. I am not completely thrilled with it. Takes ok video and pictures, but of course mine was defective and the card would not eject and I had to send it back to be fixed/replaced. Customer service was not good. Do not try emailing them, they do not return the email. When you call, be prepared to call several times before someone actually answers the phone. My part could not be replaced so they did make good and sent me a new camera but not in the color I had previously purchased. Oh well, it is what it is and the new one works fine so far.

Triadelphia, WV


Polaroid - once your source for instant photos; now videos!


I absolutely love this camcorder - it is extremely easy to operate, has a fairly large screen for me to see what I am videotaping or photographing - I can hook it straight to my television and watch the videos or view photos, I can easily download it and burn it to a disc.  The different available sizes of memory cards for it at affordable prices makes it easy to file away video or photos.  I can't speak highly enough about this inexpensive camcorder by polaroid.  The quality of videos and photos is great - the menu options are easy to maneuver.  I highly recommend this camera for anyone that is interested in learning to use a camcorder, or that has trouble seeing some of the smaller screens and reading the screens that are offered by some of the other brands, yet the overall size of the camera is small and can easily fit into ones purse, palm, or pocket.

Bloomington, IN


DV Digital Camcorder

3.6 7