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DUCK Electric Laminator

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Protects and Preserves... Thanks, Duck!


**Product Description:** *DUCK Brand 9-inch Electric Laminator with Starter Kit with six (6) Photo-Size 4 x 6-inch electric laminating pouches.* My youngest son took two years off from college and served a church mission in Venezuela. His only contact with us was a once-a-week email, an occasional letter or package and his treasured photographs of the family. He didn't have a car and so he and his companion were left to the elements during the day. (For those of you who don't know anything about Venezuela, it is in South America where the weather is warm, humid and rainy.) He would often get caught in downpours that would soak everything he carried. Soon after he arrived he wrote to ask if I could send more pictures. When I mentioned the problem to a friend she suggested I send laminated pictures. I bought a 9" **DUCK Electric Laminator** and extra supplies. I was impressed with the laminator from the first time I used it. It was so easy! All I had to do was turn on the machine, put the pictures in one of the laminating sleeves and once the green appears start the laminating sleeve through the roller. The **DUCK Electric Laminator **does all of the work. Once it has fed the sleeve through the pictures were done. All I needed to do was trim the laminated edge, package and mail! The laminator folds for storage and DUCK makes laminating sleeves in all sizes and shapes. **Bottom Line:** I love this handy little gadget. Besides laminating my son's pictures I have all kinds of uses for the laminator. I have made gift tags, luggage tags, items for scrapbooking, Garden Club displays, paper dolls for my Granddaughter and book covers.

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DUCK Electric Laminator

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