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DP Fit for Life
DP Fit for Life Exercise Bike

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Excelant Stationary Exercise and Cardiovascular Machine


Use to maintain or add to Therapy, cardiovascular, muscle workout. RECOMMEND THIS OR A COMPRABLE VERSION IS RECOMM[

Leakesville, Ms. @ Home




I am one of many who, when it comes to winter time it never fails you pack on the pound from eating and just laying around bacause of the bitter cold outside, and well theres just nothing else to do really. Last year i purchased my in-laws purchased the very exercise bike and we liked it using it. . specailly in the winter months!! I myself like to go out and exercise and run or walk and ride a bike as much as i can in the summer and spring and well even sometimes in the fall depending on the weather but when it hits winter i go in a whole different mode and don't like to go outside to exercise but i find getting on the bicycle is really the closest thing to it! I love the outdoors and riding a bike so its great to be able to " ride a bike " in the winter too, without being cold and freezing! I recommend an exercize bike to everyone out there that wants to feel the outdoors, indoors and who likes to feel like they are outside when its in the ending month of winter and you are soo sick of the cold and just want to be outside!!!

Peru, IN


DP Fit for Life Exercise Bike

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