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Warm and wonderful...and it lasts for hours!


I'm not normally a fan of vanilla fragrances, so when I smelled the hint of vanilla in DKNY Pure, I wasn't sure I'd like it once it was applied. The fragrance notes in this eau de parfum include (in addition to Ugandan vanilla) freesia, sandalwood, lotus, rose, transparent jasmine, white amber, orchid, and dewdrop petal accord. Released in 2010, the perfume comes in a clear recycleable glass teardrop shaped bottle with a brushed metal cap, which comes in a cardboard package. Available sizes: 30, 50, and 100 ml. Having read some other reviews, a lot of women seem to find that this perfume is overwhelming and that the bottle sprays too much. I disagree on both counts. It does only take one shot, maybe two, to get just enough to last all day, and it is definitely a stronger perfume, but I like that. It's warm and cozy, but still sophisticated. Even though the perfume centers around the vanilla fragrance, it's not cookie-like and maintains a clean and fresh quality throughout the life of the perfume. I am a huge fan of DKNY Pure and have added a bottle to my wish list for Christmas! Five stars.

Just outside Cincinnati, OH


DKNY Pure - Love it! And so does my husband!


I love DKNY Pure perfume and so does my husband!  I feel very sexy and energetic when I wear this perfume. Every day I have worn the perfume since purchasing it, my husband has commented how great he thinks I smell.  He hasn't said that in a long time.  The scent is natural, light and sensual.  The hint of vanilla is calming. Just a spritz goes a long way, so the bottle will last a long time. The scent lasts throughout the day too without needing to reapply.  I love that the scent is not overpowering and not too strong.  I am always concerned about my perfume being too strong for others around me who might be sensitive to scents, but I am not concerned with DKNY Pure because of it's subtle, light aroma.  The bottle is slim and can easily be taken with me.  Even the large bottle is small enough to be packed in my carry-on when I fly.  The large bottle is only 3.4 oz., which meets the size restrictions for carry-on liquids.  DKNY Pure is definitely worth the money.  

Traverse City, MI


Pure DKNY is the best new perfume!


I first saw Pure DKNY in a magazine insert. My husband bought me a set of the wonderful lotion and perfume...just because. It has the freshest, lightest scent. It lasts all day without being overpowering.

Orlando, FL


DKNY is a litlle bit of a copy cat of many new fragrances


Pure DKNY is a little disappointing because I always expect the fun and unusual from DKNY.  I love their apparel, shoes, and purses so I thought I would love thir perfume.  Instead I was a let down.  It seems to copy-cat many of the new fragrances on the market - which actually just makes it old.  This fragrance would not turn anyone's head or turn anyone on.  It is just a strong perfume.

Merced, CA



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