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DIY Products Division OOPS!  The All Purpose Cleaner

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Removes gum!!


I was in the process of washing the car and moved the seat back. I have no idea how it got on there, but there was dried gum on the track that holds the car seat in place. I tried to pick it off to to avail so I grabbed this OOPS all purpose cleaner. It removed the gum in seconds. Amazing!! This all purpose cleaner will remove dried latex paint, tar, lipstick, crayons, ink, oil, magic marker and grease. Having said all that, it is imperative that the surface surrounding the area you want to clean remains protected. In my case, the carpeting on the floor board of the car. I placed a towel over the carpeting to ensure I did not spill anything on it. I have no doubt that it would have left a spot I didn't want on the black carpeting in the car. This all purpose cleaner is flammable, so it needs to be used with plenty of ventilation. It is a great cleaner and I highly recommend it. Just use caution on anything you don't want cleaned.

SmallTown, TX


DIY Products Division OOPS! The All Purpose Cleaner

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