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DHS Fragrance Free Clear Shampoo

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DHS Fragrance Free Clear Shampoo is a no nonsense shampoo


Len can get dry hair that flakes, then it can go greasy. I have bought so many shampoos to see which works best. One I recently gave him to try was DHS Fragrance Free Clear Shampoo. The reason I thought he would like it is that it is gentle, can be used daily, is clear, and does not irritate the scalp. It is a shampoo, and conditioner in one product. Len wet his hair, and applied a small amount to his hair. It lathered really well. When he rinsed it off his hair felt clean. He ran his comb through his hair, and it looked great. After 3 days his hair was neither dry, or greasy. I only had a 22 gram sample bottle so now plan on looking for a full size one. Effectiveness Hair was clean. Scent None, fragrance free.


New Port Richey, FL


DHS Fragrance Free Clear Shampoo

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