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DHC SunCut
DHC SunCut Q10 SPF 30+

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Works ok, but leaves a residue


I was disappointed in DHC SunCut Q10 SPF 30+ facial sunscreen. I burn extremely easily and was looking for a daily sunscreen that didn't feel or smell like sunscreen... in other words, I wanted something that I wouldn't notice that I was wearing. I typically am very pleased with how light and natural feeling DHC products are. Unfortunately, this product was not what I was looking for. It left a slight sheen to my face that even a fair amount of power had a hard time covering. And even worse, it felt a bit sticky. In the end I found a product from Olay that worked better, cost less, and didn't feel sticky like this one. So if you are looking for a daily facial moisturizer, I recommend checking out Olay's sensitive skin moisturizing lotion (spf 15). Scent This product is unscented, which suits me just fine. Absorption I wasn't pleased with the absorption- it left a slightly sticky feeling on my skin and left it looking a bit shiny. I don't mind those things in a high SPF cream for days out at the beach, but they aren't what I want in an everyday sunscreen.

San Antonio, TX


The best SPF facial product EVER


This is the absolute best facial SPF product I have ever seen.  It's a product from a Japanese company  that distributes from San Francisco (buy it online at dhccare.com).  I hate the stench of sunblock, this product (as well as all their other SPF line) has no such smell.  It goes on light and soft giving you the look of a matte finish on your skin.  I get endless compliments when I wear this product about how beautiful my skin looks.  I have very delicate skin that burns quickly, I have never had a problem with burning wearing this product and I don't need to worry about double duty of foundation!  It's perfect!

Redondo Beach, CA


DHC SunCut Q10 SPF 30+

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