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DHC Salicylic Acne Wash

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Great Cleansing, but Very Drying on my Normal-to-Oily Skin


As someone who has normal-to-oily combination skin, you'd think that a good salicylic facial cleanser would make my skin happy; Unfortunately, I found this acne wash to be a bit too harsh for my normally not-sensitive skin. For me, I think that it's better to use a gentle, non-medicated cleanser, and get my salicylic acid exfoliation from a toner. I would definitely urge you to try a few samples before committing to a full-size purchase. Effectiveness Salicylic acid is a beta hydroxy acid that exfoliates dead skin cells to help keep blemish prone skin clean and clear.  DHC Acne Wash contains this important ingredient in addition to aloe vera (a skin soother) and green tea (an antioxidant). Ease of Application DHC Salicylic Acne Wash is a thick liquid that transforms into a foaming cleanser.  I was able to produce a good lather with just a bit of liquid. The scent is unpleasantly medicinal, but perhaps that can't be helped.  At any rate, the acne wash rinses off completely and left my skin feeling clean, but also taut and uncomfortable Convenience DHC is not convenient to purchase, since you have to get it online or by mail order. However, I've never had any difficulties receiving any of my orders. Side Effects I'm not sure why, but something in this formula didn't agree with my skin.  I expected the acne wash to clean scrupulously (which it did), but I didn't expect my skin to feel stripped and irritated (which it did). Immediacy The results - super clean skin - are immediate. But then again, the side effects -- stripped, irritated skin -- are immediate as well.

Chicagoland, IL


mediocre DHC product


I got this product as part of DHC's acne skin set (which comes with toner and acne gel). I think the cleanser is ok, but nothing special (even relative to over the counter products). When I got it I wasn't really paying attention to ingredients, but if you are conscientious about controversial ingredients, origins products may be a better bet. DHC does use paraben in some of its products. The product list online and in the package also contradicts at times. Overall, for the price, this product isn't really worth it. I don't think it particularly helped with my acne. Granted i don't think it made my acne worth either. There are better products on the market (or at least for the price). Out of the set, I did get the acne gel again. However, after continued usage, I don't think the accompanying gel had much effect either. Granted, as a spot treater, it did seem to work, albeit slowly. I would recommend that you save your money though and just get OTC (or try some other high end brand). I didn't find this particularly drying (to the point that it bothered me) though.

Washington, DC


Works great for cleaning oily skin


I purchased this for my teenage son.  We keep it in the shower so he can use it every morning.  It really does the job - when he remembers to use it!  When used on a daily basis it got rid of the oily look of his skin and he had very few break-out problems.  He did mention that once a day is enough or his skin became dry using it more often.  I'm just glad to find a product that works without going thru too many steps.  He won't do a several step program so if you need to keep it quick and easy this is a great product.  He even noticed how much smoother his skin was!

Los Alamos, NM


Finally- Acne free, but no "leather face"!


FINALLY an acne product that does not dry out the skin!I've been into DHC products for about a year. I've tried a few of their cleansers, and I've enjoyed every one I've tried, however my skin has been a little acne=prone lately. Happy hormones, ladies over 40! The problem is, any acne wash that I've tried ahs also dried the heck out of my skin. DHC is great about sending free samples, and I got one for the acne wash. I was excited to try it, and was not disappointed!Not onyl did it help the acne, it did not dehydrate me at all. It has a nice, ocean-like fragrance, too, and is very reaonsably priced.Whenver you buy DHC products, they always give you 4 free samples of any of their products, which is a great opportunity to try other things out, like the rest of the salicylic line, or maybe the AHA cream which is also a fantastic product (though a bit pricey).

Windham, NH


DHC Salicylic Acne Wash

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