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DHC Platinum/Silver Nanocolloid Serum and Cream

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Good, but I prefer other DHC products


I use quite a few DHC products and they frequently send out samples in their catalogues and with orders. I received a few samples of their Platinum Silver Nanocolloid cream and decided to give it a try. Like most DHC products, this cream is not scented, which I consider to be a very good thing as I can react poorly to many scented products. Absorption The cream glides onto my skin nicely and spreads easily. At first it feels a little thick for a daytime moisturizer, but it actually feels quite light once it is on. However, I need to wait a minute or two before applying my foundation. It provides a reasonable base for my makeup. Doesn't Clog Pores My skin breaths very well with this cream and I have had no problems with blemishes developing while using it. Effectiveness This cream leaves the skin feeling nourished and subtle. All in all, this is a good moisturizer, but I still prefer other products (I like the almost instant absorption of the DHC Rich Moisture for day and the incredibly soothing DHC Nightime Moisture for the night.)

San Antonio, TX


A Nice Moisturizer, But Nothing Special


The silver and platinum in the moisturizer are only present in the tiniest amounts (which explains the word;"nanocolloid" in the product name). I checked the DHC website, but couldn't find any information on what exactly platinum powder and silver are supposed to do for skin. Absorption The cream has a nice, lightweight texture that absorbs easily.  I was afraid the cream would be too rich, but it feels almost like a cross between a gel and a cream. Doesn't Clog Pores Even though I have oily/combination skin, I didn't experience any breakouts. Effectiveness All in all, this isn't a bad moisturizer, but it just wasn't anything special for me.  Plus, this does not contain SPF protection, so it is best used at night unless you apply a separate product that has sunscreen. I'm not convinced that the platinum and silver really do all that much and I prefer moisturizers that contain higher levels of antioxidants, which this is lacking.

Chicagoland, IL


DHC Skincare Platinum/Silver Nanocolloid Serum and Cream Review


Excellent products.  I delliver mail and so I am out in the elements daily.  These two products together help me combat the drying effects of the sun and/or wind.  They help with the fine lines we start getting as we age  and are absorbed into my skin quickly, with out leaving that greasy feeling some products give you.  

Martinez, CA


Unbelievable results!


All DHC products are of the highest quality and contain no preservatives.  The platinum/sliver nanocolloid serum and cream are my current favorites.  The serum is in a convenient pump which helps preserve freshness.  It is a clear thick fluid (almost a gel).  It has no scent.  The cream is of medium consistancy/weight.  It is very soothing and absorbs very quickly.  The two used together work wonders for maturing skin.  DHC is a Japanese company, so their products are all imported, but they have a distributing center in California so shipping is very fast and reasonably priced.

Orange, TX


DHC Platinum/Silver Nanocolloid Serum and Cream

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