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DHC Olive Virgin Oil

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Takes Forever to Absorb


A friend of mine is a huge DHC fan and must own every single product they make so she gave me a gift basket of their products for my birthday in an effort to convert me. It didn't work. The first thing I noticed about this is that it doesn't smell like olive oil. It has a very subtle fragrance, but it's not olive-y or like you spread vegetable oil on your face. It's actually quite pleasant. The application was quite easy but it takes absolutely forever to soak in. The first time I used it I thought I would actually have to go and wash it off because it would never soak in! You definitely cannot use this right before bed or you'll get oil on your sheets and pillow. I have oily to combination skin and I was sure my skin would freak out if I added more oil to my skin but surprisingly it didn't. My skin behaved very nicely and didn't break out or anything. I really like how it moisturized deeply as well. You could still feel soft, moisturized skin the next day. Ultimately, I had to stop using this on my face because of the sheer amount of time that it takes to absorb, but I still use it as a wonderful cuticle oil! It keeps my cuticles looking great all year round!

Vernon Rockville, CT


Golden Liquid


I find that the best time for me to use this is at night. I have combination skin but I can really use the moisture in the winter. I don't think it would work well for me under makeup or in the summer. My skin is like silk in the morning so I only use a lightweight moisturizer before putting makeup on. After cleansing with the deep cleansing oil I use a few drops of the oil and pat it on. It takes a few moments to sink into the skin and leaves a bit of a shine. I wake up with silky smooth skin. It is especially wonderful if you are using retinol a cream, after that sinks in I pat the olive oil on. It definitely helps prevent the drying effects of retinol. I have been using DHC products for a few years but have only just started using the Olive Virgin Oil for the past 4 months or so. If you tend to have dry or sensitive skin you will love this. Scent The oil doesn't seem to have a scent and has no added fragrance.



Works well BUT...


I have mixed feelings about DHC Olive Virgin Oil. At first I really didn't like it. It takes a long time to soak into my skin and leaves me feeling a bit, well, oily for quite a while after applying. I like all the other products in the DHC Olive Essentials set, so often ordered it as part of a set, but rarely used the olive virgin oil, but then I ran out of my normal moisturizer. I decided to give the Olive Virgin Oil another change (after all, I had a couple of full bottles lying around). It doesn't feel great when I first apply, but wow does it make a difference to my skin. In winter, my hands can get really dry and start to crack. Just a few applications of the olive virgin oil makes a huge difference. The cracks heal and my hands become soft again. I also find it very good at soothing mild sunburns. So, all in all, I don't like how it feels, but it sure does work well. Ease of Application Takes a long time to soak in. Scent Unscented

San Antonio, TX


Magic in a bottle


You have to use this with the entire line of products to get perfect skin. I love this stuff! After using the cleansing oil and toning lotion use this at the end to moisturize your skin. It feel slightly greasy but your skin will soak it in and it will leave you with awesome skin! Somehow it erases wrinkles and tightens up your skin, at least it did for me, but I use their entire line of products. Effectiveness I swear this stuff is like magic in a bottle!! Ease of Application At the very end of your routine just squirt a few drops onto your fingers and pat it into your skin. It will soak in and work its magic overnight. Don't forget to use it on your neck too. Scent I don't notice any scent at all.

Truckee, CA


This is NOT for All Skin Types


As someone who has oily skin, the last thing I thought I'd ever try would be an oil-based facial moisturizer. But I got sucked in by the glowing reviews claiming that this oil doesn't ever feel greasy, absorbs instantly, and "has a superior ability to moisturize and soften" skin. With all of the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and 100% certified organically-pure olive oil included in the ingredients, I just had to try it. Unfortunately for me, my worst fears were realized. Effectiveness I imagine this could be helpful for someone with normal-to-dry skin, but I can't see how anyone with oily skin would want to put DHC Olive Virgin Oil on her face regardless of it being advertised for all skin types. Ease of Application I rubbed just a tiny amount between my palms and applied it to my slighty damp skin--the sheen was intense. In fact, I looked downright greasy. I left it on for several minutes, thinking it would surely absorb quickly and take the greasy film with it. But it never did. It just sat on top of my skin like I had slathered myself with oil (which I kind of did, to be honest). Fearing a morning breakout, I washed my skin thoroughly and vowed never to use anything like this again. Scent The oil itself was silky with barely a scent, and did seem to be of a good quality.

Chicagoland, IL


Natural moisturizer


I got this moisturizer as part of a set I bought from DHC in the beginning. I did up stocking up on this particular item after first trying the DHC brand. Personally, I think it's one of their better products. It is pure olive oil, so if you are worried about parabens and etc, you don't have to worry about that. I have oily skin (decently oily) but my skin does get dry during the winter). I like to put it on at night and when I wake up my skin does feel better and look better. I wouldn't really recommend this as a day time moisturizer though as it an be somewhat greasy in the beginning (until it has been absorbed). This product is pretty expensive in my opinion for such a tiny bottle. However, the bottle does go a long way and can last you awhile. You don't really need that much per application. I do prefer this moisturizer based on my personal needs, but I can see how it might not be for everyone. I also think it takes some getting used to. If you have the cash to spend and want to try a DHC product, this product is a good place to start though. They offer free samples too. Please note this does smell like cooking olive oil (since it's the same product).

Washington, DC


DHC Olive Virgin Oil

3.7 6