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DHC Mineral Mask

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Deep cleans your pores


I absolutely love this product. It feels very thick and tightens on your face as it dries but when you wash it off you will feel like a new woman! You can actually feel it deep cleaning your pores by sucking out all of that disgusting dirt and pollution from your skin. Love this! Effectiveness It definitely deep cleans your pores and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and clean. Ease of Application Super easy. Just squirt it out onto your fingers and spread it over your face. Can't get any easier. Scent Very little scent. But I love the green color!

Truckee, CA


A Facial Cleanser in a Mask


When you have oily skin--as I do--sometimes it's hard to get it scrupulously clean without over-stripping or drying it out. I've used many gentle cleansers that do an adequate job of cleansing, but when I need to take it up a notch, DHC Mineral Mask takes facial cleansing to the next level. Effectiveness DHC Mineral Mask is made with bentonite and kaolin clays, as well as skin-soothing aloe and mulberry extract. After cleansing with the mask, my pores were (temporarily) smaller, my complexion looked brighter, and my skin felt soft and not the least bit irritated. Ease of Application I generally avoid facial masks because they tend to make my skin feel irritated or overly tight. Plus, they're usually a headache to rinse off cleanly and easily. Except for the fact that it's green in color, the DHC Mineral Mask doesn't feel or act like the average mask. It spreads on with a creamy texture that dries into a soft crust without making you feel like your face is encased in concrete. I only used a thin layer and left it on for about ten minutes during my shower. The mask rinsed off so cleanly that there was no hint of residue on the toner pad I used afterward. Impressive. Scent There's nothing off-putting about the scent of this cleanser/mask. It's reminiscent of other facial masques I've used in the past; a bit earthy, like a spa.

Chicagoland, IL


DHC Mineral Mask

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