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DHC Coenzyme Q10 eye cream

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This is an absolutely amazing product!  I am thirty one years old and haven't really maintained my skin like I should the last few years.  I was heading to an event and needed a "quick fix" for my ailing skin.  Having experimented with various creams through the years I was starting to relegate youthful skin to the rich.  I can truthfully say that this cream went above and beyond my expectations.  I used it along with a few other products and was amazed with the results.  Like I mentioned, I am thirty one years old and have quite a few wrinkles around my eyes.  Laugh lines:)  As of late, probably from life and stress, they seem to have been accentuated, very noticeable.  But this cream really and truly did plump them up.  After only one to one and a half weeks the lines around my eyes were noticeably reduced in appearance.  It was wonderful!  I hadn't had eyes that youthful looking for at least three years!  I would recommend this to anyone!  Give it a try!

Conover, NC


DHC Coenzyme Q10 eye cream

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