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Conditioner for Curly Hair
DHC After Bath Hair Treatment Oil

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Miracle worker for my hair


I absolutely love this leave in conditioner. When I first tried it I was worried that it would leave my hair looking oily (after all, it is called hair oil) but instead it gives my hair a beautiful, healthy shine that isn't oily at all. It also makes it incredibly easy to detangle my long, think hair. The brush just glides through my hair now. I can notice a difference right away when I don't use it- my hair knots up and have to spend ages getting the knots out. I find it works best when applied to wet or damp hair. I've used it on dry hair in a pinch, but it is harder to work evenly through my hair. Effectiveness DHC After Bath Hair Treatment Oil is fantastic. It makes my hair look so much better. Naturally, my hair can look a bit dull and frizzy, but this hair oil gives it a lovely, healthy shine and makes it silky smooth. Scent Most of DHC's products are fragrance free, but this one smells of roses. It is quite a nice smell, but I prefer products to be unscented since I often have problems with scented products (I don't have any reaction to this product, but on principle I don't like DHC going towards scented products).

San Antonio, TX


DHC After Bath Hair Treatment Oil

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