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DDF Sulphur Mask

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Great product


I really love this product. I noticed a change almost overnight! It smooths out your skin, takes away the oily shine, and definitly leaves you feeling refreshed! It can also be used as an overnight spot treatment to quickly shrink pimples, though if you're going to do this be prepared to find a lot of dry green flakes on your pillow the next morning! You can't use this product too often though because it WILL dry out your face. I use it probably once every 10 days or so. Unforunately it smells very strongly and even after you wash it off the strong sulfur smell remains. Another unfortunate point is that it is very expensive! It's not something you can pick up for a few bucks at the local drug store unfortunately. However, that being said, drugstore sulfur masks, such as the one by AcneFree, don't work nearly as well as this. Most of them overdry my face to the point that I get irritation or a small rash. This wonderful mask by DDF does not.

Chicago, IL


DDF Sulphur Mask, the 911 for blemishes gone wrong!


I have been suffering from a variety of acne issues for over sixteen years. DDF's Sulpur Mask is the one emergency product that I can count on. It does a fantastic job of taming a breakout and bringing the swelling down (or bringing the gunk to the surface) after just one application. Make sure that you test a small amount before applyting it to your whole face. It is extremely strong, and therefore should be used sparingly. I have been using DDF for approximately two years now, and I have learned that it works best when used for single, affected spots, rather than on the entire face, and only as needed. Using it too much can dry out your skin and make you break out further. Also, use extreme caution around the eye area. This includes the forehead, because if you wash off the mask in the shower or over the sink, the leftover residue can easily get in your eyes. IT BURNS! Once, I even rubbed my eye several minutes after washing and drying my face thoroughly and it still irritated my eye. I suggest using a hot, wet washcloth. Place it over your whole face and let the heat and steam loosen the mask so it comes off easily and stays out of your eyes.

New York, NY


DDF Sulphur Mask

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