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DC Comics
DC Comics DC Universe 31 inch Batman


Ripped from DC Comics comes Giant Size Batman! The Dark Knight stands 31” tall and with 7 points of articulation to battle crime throughout Gotham City. Batman is highly detailed right down to his fabric cape that makes this the perfect gift for kids or a kid at heart.

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Nice sized toy


Initially when I saw this particular 31 inch Batman Action Figure, I knew right away that my son would want it. The price was marked down for some reason and his birthday was right around the corner. Once he saw it for the first time, the two were inseparable. The figure has nice detailing, more than I expected based on price and size. The cape is made of good but very thin quality fabric which looks nice but could tear with too much rough play. Either way, it wouldn't be hard to replace the cape if it actually did tear though. The details are nice - as I mentioned earlier but there aren't any removable arts on the body. I thought it would have been better if it were possible to take off his boots or black gloves. The other thing about this figure is that it does not come with any accessories and I haven't been able to find a car or anything similar to go along with it or that he can fit into. You also need to know that he doesn't talk or make any sounds either. He is really big in comparison to regular action figures and that is the big plus or "one up" for this toy. My son and most kids - I think, have a really great imagination and can sort of bring the figure to life so to speak. The excitement is simply from the size and detail alone, for the most part. My older son loves it and he sort of favors Batman above most other characters. I would say that the price is worth paying for what it offers.



Good toy


I purchased this DC Comics DC Universe 31 inch Batman for my son's first birthday and he really loved the batman and kept the toy among his other toys. He was quite small to play with cars and other puzzles and hence this doll was the best gift for him and batman is one of his favorite character besides spiderman. The doll was quite big for his tiny fingers to hold and hence he used to make the batman lie down and he used to keep playing with his head and hands and then starts smiling and jumping. I also purchased a comic book on batman to make him familiar with all the powers of batman. The toy is good for kids to play with but the size of this toy was quite big and I could not store it in his cupboard which had small shelves and hence I had to place it in a draw because of which it got dusty and when I tried to clean it with a wet cloth, a small piece of the hand broke. Now the toy is just lying in the drawer and whenever my son gets time, he takes out this doll and starts playing with it.


Original and nice size!


The DC Comics Universe 31 inch Batman was a great option as a gift to give my nephew of 4 years old. He is really into an pretty much any action figure that he thinks is strong, mighty, brave, etc. He loved this as a gift and can add it to his extense collection. It looks as though it was good quality so we will see how long it lasts him. It is a nice size as its rather big and many of the ones he has are small and get lost. So this size is easier to hold onto as it doesn't get misplaced or dropped, without you noticing it, as often as the small ones do. Its a great gift for boys young or old, or even adults who like to collect action figures. It comes at a reasonable price and you should be able to find it in most places that sell toys.

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DC Comics DC Universe 31 inch Batman

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