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DAC Extend-A-Flex Micro-Fiber Duster

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Makes me Paul Bunyan size!


My front room has twelve foot tall walls with ten foot tall windows covered in wide wooden blinds. I was wondering how I would ever be able to keep them clean. While shopping for other items I came across the DAC Extend-A-Flex Micro-Fiber Duster. I have found the duster to be a helpful cleaning tool. It isn't perfect, but I am glad I have it. Performance The duster has a handle that can be a hand held duster or can extend up to five foot eight inches. Simply turn the connecting ring left to loosen or right to tighten the handle to lock in the desired length. Along with a step stool I can reach the very tops of the blinds with no problem. The DAC Extend-A-Flex Micro-Fiber Duster has a unique head. Long and slender, the duster head has a smooth side and a nubby side. The head is also flexible- it easily bends to reach into corners or grasp floating surfaces like ceiling fan blades. When the duster becomes soiled it can be washed in the machine or by hand in cold water. The duster should be washed separately, however. To maintain the micro-fiber magic, the manufacturer suggest not using bleach or fabric softeners (including dryer sheets). Air dry.

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DAC Extend-A-Flex Micro-Fiber Duster

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