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D-link Xtreme N DIR-655 Router

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The D-link DIR 655 is good and bad.


Purchased the D-link Xtreme N DIR-655 Router back in February 2009 for my home office to add wireless connectivity for my local area network and was initially pleased with the DIR-655 for the first year, now that it's in the second year, there have been a couple glitches and I have been becoming increasingly annoyed with the DIR-655's performance. The Good: The unit looks hip and cool, has blue LED lights to indicate network connectivity and status. Range is pretty good with the unit. I've got the DIR-655 hooked up to my DSL modem in the office downstairs, and I can still get pretty strong signals even upstairs in my bedroom. The Bad: Although I get good reception, there have been times where the signal would drop and there's no network connectivity at all. I would have to reset the unit and after it refreshes, network connectivity would be back online. This is the single biggest flaw for an otherwise decent machine. I also dislike the antennae as they are flimsy and slightly obtrusive; it would have been better to have no antennae at all, but I guess that is what gives the unit the extra range. After much deliberation, the DIR-655 gets 5 out of 10 stars from me.


Alhambra, CA


Great Router


Ather buying and returning 2 other routers at the local electronic story I finially ended up with the dlink 655 wireless router. First of all the setup was very easy and simply. And the range of the router is pretty good too. I have a 2000 square feet home and I have no problem getting a excellent signal anywhere. And the router is located in the one coner of the house and I still get a very strong signal in the oppisite conner. I have used the router for over 2 years and never once had a problem or have to rest it. Unlike the other routers I have used sometimes I could not find the SSID, the router will lose the connection to the host, or have lost of packet errors with the builtin switch. It even has a USB port that your can share with your network like a networked printer, but there is a catch.... only one user can use that USB port at a time.


Sacramento, CA


Not one drop with this D-Link 655 Router


If you're looking for a reliable wireless N, gigabit router that never drops, then I highly recommend this router by D-Link.  I have not faced a single drop in connection with this router.  No, it does not support simultaneous dual band wireless N, but it works great otherwise.  I have it placed on top of a metal cabinet surrounded by many 2.4GHz devices.  I know how bad that is, but you know what?  The device still works great and no drops!  I do wish it could connect to the 5Ghz spectrum, and my only complaint is that the range is not that great.  When I'm about 50-75 feet away from it, the connection speed takes a dip.  I paired this with my D-Link wireless N usb network adapter and plugged it into my WDTV Live, and I can stream 1080p material smoothly.  The device does not run too hot which is great, because my previous router would get so hot that I was afraid it'd be burning the internal components (which is probably why it broke down in the first place).


Sugar Land, TX


Good solid product


The DIR655 is everything that you ever need in a router. Every time I think that the router cannot handle the application load, the DIR655 keeps surprising me with its reliability, performance, and usability. While most router I've purchase end up dying (read: crashing, but still usable) within the first 2 weeks, the DIR655 router manages to handle any traffic giving to it and stay online for periods at a time. Sometimes, looking at the logs I find that it manages to stay even up to a month without the need of rebooting, or any signs of crashing (though the experiment ended due to a blackout). As more smart phones can connect to the internet through wifi, the DIR655 can handle the traffic. There are several different routers that cannot handle the multiple of devices connected to the router. I end up having to reboot the router and disable a few connected devices. That said, there are problems with it. There was a firmware issue that seem to break the router, though Dlink seems to have a handle with it now. The UI is horrible; but the functionality is great.


Danville, CA


D-link Xtreme N DIR-655 Router

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