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D-Link Wireless Router

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This is a simple and easy router to use


Overall, The D link WBR 1310 wireless router is good for the average person. I love this router because its so easy to use and is very easy to install. I have had this router for about four years now and have not had a problem with it. My only complain, if any, is that if your home has many walls, the wifi signal would not be strong or not reach. This is a great router if you want it for a single room or a room next door. Performance The D link router performs very well in small homes or small offices. I personally have my router in a room where my computer is and have no problems. I have trouble with the wifi signal when I try using it where there are many walls in the way. Aside from that, this is a great router to have for the average person. Durability I have been having the D link router for about four years now and have not had any problems. This router will last you a long time if you take good care of it. Setup & Ease of Use I think this has been the easiest router I have ever installed, it took me like 5 minutes. The instructions are so easy to follow that anyone with some knowledge in computers could install it. Service & Support The D link offers support and service if you need it. I personally had no issues with the router that there is no need for help.



D-Link Wireless Router

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