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D-Link Wireless Router

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stable connection, easy to use. need some knowledge for set up.


I got this at a dirt cheap price last year with a notebook adapter as well. The router works perfectly although it needs some knowledge to set up the network. but once it is on, I don't need to worry about it any more - I did not reboot it for at least 3 months ...However, the notebook adapter is not working at all. It will detect the signal and then refuse to work. I consider myself a pro-tech person and use router/adapter many many times.The best notebook adapter is actually a Microsoft wireless B ...

San Diego, CA


D-Link DI-524 Router Easy To Use


We recently had Sattellite Internet installed.  My husband wanted to network his laptop computer with the new service.  We used the D-Link DI-524 Router.  I was surprised that I was able to get networked fairly easy using this router.  The instructions were simple and everything worked great.  Only problem I  had was that the dial up connection he had installed on his laptop kept popping up a box saying connect or stay offline.  This was resolved as soon as I deleted all the connections to the other Isp Provider. 

Cullman, AL


There are better options out there


Entry-level router, even though not always the cheaper. Netgear and TP-Link offered better solutions to basic users whom look for an affordable wireless solution. Not much to say about this particular model. Have been using DI-524 54 Mbps for a while, and now DI-524 150 (150 Mbps), both use the same old silver case, just like my former 2001 DSL Modem (Dlink too). And unfortunately it is just not appearance that is poor. Ordinary wireless coverage, dated software user interface and slow transfer rates. =[ Internet connection tends to go slow, slow...and then the only way is to turn it off and on again. If the Cable modem disconnects and then connect again, DI-524 should be turned off and on... Still investigating why everytime my laptop comes from sleeping mode I can get no internet connection know, off an on again. May be laptop's fault, but this doensn't happen with other router I also use frenquently.

Beverly Hills, CA


works great, very reliable


We bought this router to hook up a second computer in a house with a rather spread out floor plan.  We were worried that the second computer would be too far away but this D-link router works great.  It was a little challenging to hook up.  I build my own computers so I consider myself fairly tech savvy but getting this to work took a bit of trial and error.  One thing we did have problems with was securing the network.  We never did get that to work, but it was unclear whether that was a problem with the router or the fact that one computer was an older machine with Windows XP instead of Vista.  We have now bought a second wireless adapter and added a third computer to the network with no problems.  The router works great and the D-link adapter that came with the router works great. The new adapter was Netgear and we had no problems with that either.  We still have never gotten the security function to work despite many trials, but again it may be the computer rather than the router.

Cape Coral, FL


Inexpensive and effective.


Got this router free after rebate a few years ago at an after thanksgiving sale. I purchased it with low expectations, and three years later it's still running and running well. This is a basic router that I use to connect both a laptop (wirelessly) and a desktop (wired) to a cable modem. The router is fast, easy to set up, and reliable. I would highly recommend.

Fruit Heights, UT


D-Link Wireless Router

3.8 5