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Cyclops CYC-S250 Thor 2.5 Million Candle Power Rechargable Halogen Spotlight (Cyclops)

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Bright Light But Short Life


I wanted to have a couple of adjustable rechargeable spotlights on hand for the winter and summer, the two times during the year that we lose power on a regular basis. My requirements were simple; it needed to be rechargeable, have a positionable stand, throw a lot of light and last for at least an hour. This passed the test for everything I wanted from a spotlight but failed on the amount of use you get before it needs to be recharged. At best, with a full charge, this lasts about 25 minutes. That's enough time to get around the house or to have it on steps but for extended periods of use this isn't going to be the best pick. This is an extremely strong spotlight, possibly one of the brightest I have ever used but all that power drains the battery. If you are using this while it is plugged in to a wall socket (when you need a bright light in a non-emergency situation) then you will love this especially because you can adjust the arm under the body of the spotlight so you can position the angle of the light to where you need it. The on / off switch is easy to operate and the handle is thick and sturdy; there's enough room between the handle and the body of the spotlight that you can carry it when wearing gloves without it being cumbersome. This has been used in emergency situations when we have lost power and it was able to light up the entire downstairs hallway, the steps leading to the second floor of the house and part of the livingroom. I had it in the vestibule on an angle and was really surprised that it was exceptionally bright. Thankfully the times that we have lost power in the winter and summer they have only been short outages (les than ten minutes). If you need a strong light for home repairs, security or emergency situations this is worth checking out but it isn't something that is going to last for hours.



Cyclops CYC-S250 Thor 2.5 Million Candle Power Rechargable Halogen Spotlight (Cyclops)

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