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Cybex Arc Trainer

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Favorite machine


The arc trainer is my favorite elliptical in my almost 15 years of working out. I love how comfortable it is to use yet it gives you a great workout. I sweat the most on this elliptical so you know you're burning calories. The pedals are comfortable and glide smoothly whether I go fast or slow. I think the smoothness makes my workout easier because you forget a little that you're working really hard. This is my favorite at the gym! Performance This machine always makes me sweat but is fun to use because of the smooth motion. Comfort I like the smooth glide of the pedals which are big and treaded so my feet don't slip. Ease of Use I like how easy and fast I can program in my desired time, level and program. Durability Very sturdy; always felt safe on it. Design I like the design because I had handles, water bottle holder and little shelf for phone and music player. I like how big the display is and how I can hide or show how much time passed or is left.




can't live without the elliptical


This is the one and only thing i do at the gym.  Gives me a great workout and i feel great afterwords..  something that works upper and lower body..  You can use only your arms, pulling the weight of your body, or even just hold on to the handles and let your legs do all of the work!!!! Next time your at the gym try the elliptical for about 20 min


Torrington, CT


The Cybex Arc Trainer is a really great cardio workout!


I injured my knee a couple of months ago, and my doctor told me to stop running for awhile. Not just running-pretty much any cardio activity that requires me to bend my knee, eliminating both a stationary bike or elliptical machine from the picture. I really was missing working up a sweat for awhile and looked for other options. I saw the Arc Trainer at the gym, and thought I would give it a try. Let me tell you-this is a great cardio workout! I have been SO happy to have found a machine that does not have any knee impact. As a matter of fact, I do not bend my left knee at all while on the Arc Trainer. I burn a surprising number of calories with almost no resistance (still need to be a little gentler than normal because of the knee). It works both arms and legs, similar to an elliptical but with even less impact on the knee. I would highly recommend the Cybex Arc Trainer for anyone looking for a great workout that has knee troubles!


Evanston, IL


Arc trainer- the closest you cna get to running


After 2 intensive knee surgeries I found myself unable to run for quite a few months.  This was a huge sacrifice for me being a college runner and semi-professional runner.  I joined a gym looking for an exercise that would give me a great cardiovascular workout and still allow me to train all of the muscles that I would train while running but without any impact.  I am blown away by the arc trainer.  It is better than running in many ways, mainly that since it is not weight bearing you can workout at a high intensity every day.  The arc trainer mimics all of the movements of natural running. This arc trainer even allows you to make adjustments for your stride so that you don't feel like you are over extenindg yourself.  An eliptical does not allow for this.  The arc trainer is easy to use and has multipe settings for whatever workout you like.  I reccomend the hill workout or the interval workout. Remember to set your stride first.


Travelers Rest, SC


It is a much tougher workout then some other ellipticals


This is one tuff machine.  You literally feel like you are climbing a moutain.  This machine has many different settings so you can mix things up as much as you want to.  What I don't like about this machine is the placement of the bottle holders and for other micellanous things.  It is a far reach if you are a book or magazine reader and want to turn the page or  when you want to change settings on the machine it feels like you really have to stretch your arms out to reach the controls.  It could be that I have short arms, but I don't think so.  You can really feel the machine working your quads and glutes.  The machine has a great range of motion.  You can go from feeling like a casual walk or like you are running a marathon up hill to the highest mountain.  You can also change the direction of pedaling from forward to reverse to get that momentum broken up a bit.  I think this machine is a fantastic bank for your buck!


Joliet, IL


horrible experience for joints


They say that this is the next generation in elliptical trainers. In fact many gyms that I have joined have said this. But don't get fooled. This is just a poor excuse for not being able to buy a real elliptical trainer. The cybex arc trainer can perhaps be a good machine for some people, but for most people who use ellipticals (for the purpose of having less stress on joints) this machine does the opposite. Yes it does not stress the knees so much but the swinging movement is really really bad for the ankles. Some people have strong ankles and for them, this machine is great. But for me, it put so much stress on the ankles that I had to stop. In the whole workout, the ankles stay stiff as you swing your legs back and forth, in a very unnatural and uncomfortable motion. I feel like if I don't pay attention to the work out (i.e. read something or watch some tv) then I'll injure myself badly on this machine. Don't buy it!


Houston, TX


Easy to operate


I am reviewing the Cybex Arc trainer eliptical machine. I use this machine at my local Snap Fitness gym. It's a great machine for many reasons.It's very user friendly so it's easy to get your work out started. The machine has a huge variety of work out options from pre-programmed work out routines to a free workout that you can pace yourself.I really love this tredmill! My mother baught one and I have benifited greatly from it! It has plenty of differnt settings to use including speed and incline! It's a great workout for anyone who doenst have time to get out there and run around the block everyday! The treadmill has some impressive features.  There is an easy to read display console so you can see your workout numbers by glancing at them.  The controls which include power incline on the Proform 750 treadmill are within easy reach so adjustments can be made without stopping your workout. I had never used an elliptical until about a year ago, and i love it. I have lost 113lbs in a year. It is easy to use, even my daughter likes to get on it.


San Mateo, CA


Arc Trainer seems to hit the Glutes well. Great Cardio Machine


Just got a few of these in the gym i work out. Kind of awkward at first but you can really feel it in your glutes (butt ;)) when you are using it. It is a nice change from classic elliptical, bike, and treadmill.


Yuba City, CA


Cybex's Arc Trainer is my favorite cardio machine


It took me a while to build up the courage to try out this machine at my gym.  I have been exercising on elliptical for years, but I wasn't quit sure what to think of the Cybex Arc Trainer because it looks similar to the elliptical trainers most people are familiar with, but the movement is different in a way that is really hard to explain.  You just have to see it for yourself.  Long story short- I now use this machine every time I do cardio and rarely use the traditional ellipticals at the gym.  This machine is smoother (which is especially great for me because I have bursitis in one of my hips and have to be careful to minimize impact) and a better overall workout.  My gym offers models both with a without moving handles.  I definitely recommend the model with moving handles for maximum calorie burn and a full body workout.  I like that there are heart rate sensors on the handles.  I am routinely able to maintain a higher heart rate on this machine than on others I have tried.  I especially like the results I get on the interval program.  Also, I am tall and I sometimes have problems with my knees hitting regular ellipticals.  This machine is a a good fit for my long legs. 


Indianapolis, IN


Cybex Arc Trainer is my favorite cardio


I tried it the other day at my sister's gym and loved it. We have only 1 Cybex machine in my gym...I think it's the best kept secret. I think people may not like how it looks, not so glamorous, but man does it do the job!! - This machine gives a fuller more complete leg motion than the elliptial - Thighs get a great workout - Great on joints - Fun  


Orlando, FL


Cybex Arc Trainer

4.4 20