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Cybertron Cruiser desktop computer

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great desktop


There are multiple different versions of the Cybertron X Cruiser, just want to get that out in the open. I have the Cybertron X Cruiser2. Mine features a dual core Athlon II and three gigabytes of DDR3 memory. Graphics are provided by an ATI Radeon 4350 and it's powered by a 400 watt power supply. Now the beauty of this Cybertron is that it comes without an operating system. Well, how is the good? For those who can get a cheap copy of an operating system (for example, students whose college is partnered with Microsoft or workers who get a discounted price on Microsoft software) it is a great way to save money. Not paying for an operating system means lower prices. Now this rig does not have the bells and whistles as other desktops. An Athlon II dual core is good enough for gaming and everyday tasks but it will get taxed when performing heavy-processing activities. For the average consumer this is really of no concern as average tasks will be plenty for this dual core. 3 gigs of meomry is also sufficient for mundane tasks.

Arcadia, CA


This computer is great


  I bought this computer for my me and my husband.  He wanted a gaming computer and I wanted a lot of memory for my programs and media. This was a great compromise and it can do it all.  It has a quad processor and a 256mb memory card.  Order from  They ship out fast!  I love shopping with them.

Apo, AE


Cybertron Cruiser desktop computer

4.5 2