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Cyber Acoustics
Cyber Acoustics - Headset

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Not bad but not great either


The cyber acoustics AC 960 headset is a decent headset for the money. I have several headsets made from different brands including headsets from Sennheiser, Logitech and turtle Beach to name a few. I actively watch for deals on headsets that have built a decent collection. The cyber acoustics will get the job done and will allow you to play music and listen to music in addition to allowing you to talk with other people since this cyber acoustics product features a microphone. The microphone seems to work pretty well and the other person never complains about not being able to hear me or anything along those lines. The sound quality is not bad and I can hear things clearly nothing is of secure or scratchy. The outside package seems to be okay although I prefer Logitech's were Sennheiser's quality over the cyber acoustics.

Tustin, CA


You can't get better headphones than this. You just can't.


As a PC gamer and frequent music listener I was looking for a headset that would be both comfortable and affordable. I never really cared for a LOUD pair of headphones or anything, but these do get pretty loud if I need them to. Most headphones tend to irritate the side of my ear and side cheek depending on the foamy sponge they have, but this never has, and I've gone hours while wearing them. The main reason why I went for the Cyber Acoustics brand was because my desktop speakers were also Cyber Acoustics and they've been nothing but fantastic since the very beginning. Watching a movie with these headphones on really makes me feel like I have theater speakers around me. I can't say that I've used the microphone more than once through MSN messenger, but even the one time I used it, it worked great. Normally I just lift up the microphone piece over to the side unless I'm playing a game and I need it to communicate with an online team in-game or something. Overall, if you're in need of a comfortable headset with great sound and a mic, the AC960 is the way to go.

Beverly Hills, CA


Great Headset for Computer & Skype


If you're looking for a high quality headset for Skype or for listening to music on your computer, then the Cyber Acoustic AC960 Pro Grade Stereo Headset is for you! This unit was built with classroom usage in mind (i.e. language labs), but its affordability make it perfect for the home user, too. The noise-canceling microphone, mounted on a ratcheting boom, is sensitive and provides excellent sound quality. The headset features a wide headband, heavily padded "leatherette" ear pieces, excellent stereo sound, and a volume control knob mounted just below the microphone boom . This second volume knob, in addition to the volume controls on your computer, allows for greater control when using programs like Skype, which is what I primarily use this headset for. I have tried a variety of headsets, including the ones marketed by Skype, but have not found anything any more comfortable or better functioning than the A960 unit and it was much less expensive than comparable products. With high quality at a reasonable price, you can't go wrong!

Chattanooga, TN


Cyber Acoustics - Headset

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