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Sauna Boy
Cyanics Portable Mini Office Bedroom Humidifier USB powered

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Poor Product.


One of my bosses purchased our whole office this cute little humidified at Christmas. We were all excited because it is so cute! It is also neat because you plug it directly into your USB port on your computer. Sadly, being a conversation piece and a paper weight is about all this thing is good for though. The first problem with the humidifier is how frequently you have to refill it. The device would be empty after an hour and a half, tops. It was really annoying having to get up and refill it all the time. You have to have the lid on PERFECTLY or it just will not work. Then, mine only worked for a few days before it broke. I can not think of anyone in the office who still has theirs working. This is such a cute product but it is absolutely useless. Output Volume This little guy does not product much steam. You have to almost have it directly under your nose if you actually want any type of results. Performance Did not perform well and then just stopped working after a few days. Durability Only worked a few days.



Cyanics Portable Mini Office Bedroom Humidifier USB powered

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