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Cutex Manicure Correction Nail Polish Remover Pen, Non  Acetone

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cutex manicure correction polish remover pen, non impressive.


i had originally picked up this product when i was purchasing a polish for my nails. i liked the fact that it is non-acetone and would not damage my nails. figured it would be great for fixing my little 'oops' i always get when polishing my own nails. after painting my nails i followed the directions and pumped the tip a few times to activate the pen and ended up with a puddle of polish remover! it made a mess but i figured that was to be expected to get the product flowing. the next big problem i noticed was just that, a BIG problem, the tip was way too large to fix a tiny spot without messing up the rest of my nail. i ended up having to totally remove the polish and start over. after trying it on another nail i noticed that the red polish i was using was now not bieng removed but mearly smeared around my nails since the tip had become saturated with the polish color after only a couple of attempted small touch-ups. the price was really cheap and i guess you get what you paid for. it was all in all a mess and i will stick to using a bit of cotton on the tip of an orange stick soaked in polish remover from now on as this product simply made a tiny oops into a much larger mess. don't waste your money on this one.

Odessa, TX


Good the first day...


Hello, I will say this to define this product: "To good to be true", yes, exactly like that. I was searching for new products in the nail care area and I face this item, it caught my attention right away, I guess like any other woman out there. Every time I do my nails with a dark color I paint my fingers, yes... so I saw this item in the shelf and I felt in love! I thought that my problem was solved. I went home, paint my nails with plum color without caring about the detail and open this item. I start "retouching" with this tool and the tip was completely plum color in the first minute.  I press slightly to let the liquid come and even if you press slightly a huge amount of liquid comes out meaning of messing all my nail. I wanted just to remove the parts of my finger that were painted but I ended up removing part of my nail as well. All the time I spent painting my nails was wasted. If you used this with a dark color, that means that next time you can not use it again, it will dye your finger with the color you used last ime.. 

Hallandale, FL


Cutex Nail Polish Remover Pen is helpful.


I do my nails alot and the Cutex Manicure Correction Nail Polish Remover Pen,Non Acetone comes in pretty handy every now and then.This pen serves its purpose it will remove nail polish . I cannot give it a totally bad review because it removes polish and it is sometimes handy.I will however say the only purpose I can see for having your polish remover in a pen is to remove polish from tiny spots as opposed to large areas.The big con of this nail polish removing pen is the tip.I wish the tip was alot smaller. I bought the pen to use on tiny areas for more precise nail polish removal. This nail polish removing pen is not the greatest for smaller areas. I bought it   to  remove polish from my cuticles but the tip is just a little to large. People who are intrested in  buying this to remove nail polish from small areas I say buy a different nail polish remover pen with a smaller tip.I would however recommend it for general nail polish removal.

Dayton, OH


I love the cutex manicure correction pen!


I love this Cutex Manicure Correction Pen!  I am an esthetician and work at a day spa.  We use this product constantly there.  We love to use it for french tip manicures and pedicures especially!    After you do your white line for the french tip, we use it to clean up the line to make it perfect.  Then, we can apply the peach/pink color over that to make a beautiful french tip manicure/pedicure.  This product is so incredibly helpful!  I can't believe they didn't think to invent this product sooner!  It is also incredibly helpful to use with dark colors of polish or red polish, because those seem to be the absolute hardest to get off the skin!  This little product truly makes the difference in looking sloppy or well done or polished!  If you are a perfectionish, this is the product for you!  I also love that it is "non-acetone" and easy on the skin, but still manages to help get the job done!

Ogden, UT




This product actually works  better than this brands actual nail polish remover.  Nice and easy to use and carry. Stores in purse, backpack, and even some jean pockets!  Perfect to fix those quick fingernail misses and great for touch ups.  Only problem is, once you become addicted, you'll be buying it all the time! And that's a good thing!

New London, MN


Cutex Manicure Correction Nail Polish Remover Pen, Non Acetone

2.8 5