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Cut price car rental Australia

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Gold Coast Car Rentals


We have used http://www.cutpricecarrentals.com/ now on many occasions when flying to the Gold Coast and have been very satisfied. I found their website easy to use, the staff friendly where very easy to talk with and informative while their vehicles were good value for money. i am very happy with the service.



Cut price car rentals Australia - stay away!


These people cancelled our booking 1 day before we were due to leave on our first decent holiday in 5 years. (we had booked 2 months earlier to ensure we had a people mover on the Gold Coast in January) They said they sent us emails but did not, so their server obviously drops out. Instead of phoning us they just cancelled and notified us at the last minute. When I called they were unbearably rude and smug and insisted they had sent emails and would not assist or apologise. Rude and hopeless, and from what I see on other review sites, their cars break down, and they try to charge for damage you didn't do. This would be disastrous for overseas visitors. They are cheap but nasty. Stay away!!

Spokane, WA


Cut price car rental Australia

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