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Cushie Tushies
Cushie Tushies Diapers

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wonderful diaper from a wonderful company


I love our Thomas the Train diaper from this great work at home mama and so does Tristian. It is super soft and squishy and just a great design and look and everything. I also really love the quality of the fleece. Tristian wouldn't let me put a cover on over the diaper yesteday evening and since it's a fleece fitteds it didn't wet through, there was no moisture on his pants what so ever. and he wet it pretty good, so that's always nice. I wouldn't leave it on him indeffinitly and expect it to not wick, but it kinda acted like a built in soaker. I got this diaper pretty darn cheap since it was premade and she was just wanting to get rid of it, but I checked out her prices and they are pretty darn good and I plan on trying out a few more if ds doens't start pling soon. I really love how she will work with you for what you want. These diapers are all custom made to order. You choose your fabric print.There are MANY different outer prints to choose from! Take your pick and if you don't see something you want use the contact her and ask  about what you're looking for, if she can find a print or figure out how to do what you want she will.

Columbia, MO


Cushie Tushies Diapers

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