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Curves Weight Tracking Digital Scale

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Pretty good digital scale


I bought it to replace another scale that had shorted out, and it works well, but not as great as the other brand I had previously. Performance Sometimes it gets confused as to who is standing on it, and is a little difficult to change the person setting, but after stepping off and turning it off then on again it straightens out. It could be because we keep it in the bathroom, and humidity may have affected some of the electronic parts. Durability It has been dropped a few times, and shows no cracks or dents, but the board does creak a little when stepped on. I think if I were overweight it would be a real confidence breaker to hear my scale creak when I stepped on it. Design It looks very similar to all the other digital scales in the same price range. It doesn't really stand out, and we purchased it because it was the one left on the shelf, not from a particular design that was interesting. Ease of Use When not using the extras its very easy to use. Step on and wait and read what it has to say. Accuracy As far as I can tell its fairly accurate, on a tile or hardwood floor of course.

Fort Knox, KY


Finally, a scale that matches my doctor's!


I have been using this scale for about a year and a half. I got it to replace another digital scale that only lasted about 4 months before breaking, so I had low expectations for this one. This scale has been working great for me. It is lightweight and easy to clean. I prefer that it is not the clear version, because to me that is too difficult to clean. The scale seems to be very accurate. I have weighed myself on it, and then been to the doctor's, and had it within an ounce or two. I have never had that level of accuracy with any of my analog scales. In the year and a half that I have had the scale, I have not had to change the batteries. You have to tap the scale, then wait for it to zero out, then you step on. It has worked with my children as well, so it is fairly easy to use! I would definitely recommend this scale. I have not had any problems, and prefer it to any scales I have had in the past.

Hillsborough, NC


Curves Weight Tracking Digital Scale

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