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Curtis DVD1041 Player

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Good while it lasted....which wasn't long


I purchased this DVD player about 6 months ago and probably only used it a handful of times. Now, when I put a DVD in, it says it is a bad disc. Even if it is a brand new disc that has never even been played. I tried to put in a DVD cleaner to maybe alleviate the problem, but it wouldn't even load that. Again, it said it was a bad disc. I've taken it apart, cleaned it manually and still 'bad disc' is the only response I get. When it worked, it worked fine, even though the buttons are so small its almost impossible to see them. Buyer Beware!!




Not bad for the price!


This DVD player is a great example of ' you get what you pay for'. I have now purchased three of these for several rooms in my house and they are an inexpensive way to have a dvd player in each room. One of the three had to be returned three times until I got a 'good' one that actually worked.. it kept saying 'cannot read disc'. However, once I got one that worked, they seem to be fairly reliable. I have them in each of my kids room, so that means daily use, and they have held up for over a year now. They are not fancy, and don't have many special features, but they do work fine and serve the purpose. They are somewhat noisy as they run, you can hear the disc spinning pretty well, but for the discounted price that these items are offered at, it is sufficient for my needs!


Valrico, FL


Curtis DVD1041 Player

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