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Curlmaster Ceramics

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It is a great straightener which is fast and efficient


When it comes to the cricket curlmaster ceramics hair straightener, I find it to be the best one I have used so far.  I have extemely long, thick hair and it sometimes seems impossible to get a straight, full body texture for my hair.  I have gone through at least 5 straighteners in the past and this one is the only one which gives my hair a perfectly straight finish with an immaculate shine that lasts for days.  My hair is about 18 inches long and is about as thick as a horse tail.  If I want a to straightened it fast I just pull out my cricket curlmaster ceramics straighter and it takes me about 15-20 minutes to get a decent straightening.  That is practically no time at all.  Most women I see, it takes them at least an hour to straighten hair, but with this one, it takes next to nothing.


Lombard, IL


The best one out there.


I purchased this hair straighten-er several years ago and I have not experienced a single problem with it.  I wish I could remember exactly when I bought it, but I know  it's been years.  The durability of this thing is excellent.  The flat iron heats up extremely fast, reaching HOT in one minute.  The different levels of heat are true to their numbers:  a much lower heat is number one, while a scorching hot heat is number 10.  I never use 10 because it is too hot!  I have used this flat iron on people with the thickest, most stubborn hair and it works.  This flat iron definitely leaves my hair straight.  Not only does it work, but it does it without catching my hair and pulling it out.  It leaves my hair feeling smooth and healthy.  This review may sound like too much raving, but the product is just that great.  So, the pros? Heats up quickly. Gets very hot...or not very hot, depending on the setting. Works like a charm. Doesn't snag/pull on my hair. And, the cons? I have yet to discover a con.  


Eugene, OR


Curlmaster flat iron with ceramic plate.


I purchased the Curlmaster flat iron at the recommendation of my hairdresser. Not this particular brand so much as the fact that it has ceramic plates instead of metal. Heated ceramic is gentler on my hair than heated metal. I have long, thick hair with natural curl. I also live in the midwest and am tortured by humid weather. My Curlmaster/ceramics flat iron does a great job of straightening and smoothing my hair daily. This flat iron has comb/teeth on one side to help smooth and detangle my hair as I straighten it. My only complaints are that the flat iron is heavier than others I've used and when not in use there is no clip or whatever to close the jaws. The only way to close it is to wrap the cord around the handle to hold it closed. It does a great job on my hair, but it could be easier to work with. The best thing is that because it is ceramic instead of metal daily use doesn't damage my hair.


Chicago, IL


Curlmaster Ceramics Flat Iron is one of the best out there.


CurlmasterCeramics Flat Iron is one of the best flat irons out there.  This flat iron is easy to use with it's adjustable heat settings and if used correctly; ie. the correct temperature for your type of hair: low for thin, mid range for medium and high for course/thick hair, it won't "fry" your hair.  The CurlmasterCeramics Flat Iron heats up quickly and maintains it's heat while in use, which is good when working with thick, course, very curly and/or long hair.  One of the Curlmaster Ceramics Flat Iron features is that the ceramic plates don't go all the way to the edges of the body so you have burn yourself a lot less and it still gets very close to the scalp.  In my experience with the Curlmaster Ceramics Flat Iron it leaves my hair silky and smooth with little to no product, and I have very thick and very curly hair.  The Curlmaster Ceramics Flat Iron gets my hair gets my hair extremely straight without having to run it through several times so it doesn't take forever to do my hair, which in the past, with other flat irons it's taken up to 2 hours, now I can do it in as little as 30 minutes.


Davis, OK


Curlmaster Ceramics

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