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Curlformers Long & Narrow hair curlers

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Wonderful, but wish they were more comfortable


I am an African American female. I say this first because I know personally when looking for products, I always ask myself "Will this work on African American hair?" To top it off, I am also transitioning (For those of you who don't know what that is, I'm letting my relaxed hair grow out) I have 4b hair. This is to just give you an idea of where I'm coming from with this review. On with the review: I LOVE THEM! The first time installing them was a pain in my butt, but I got used to it and its a breeze now. The first time I did it, I put them in on wet hair and let my hair dry. The curls were extremely defined. To curly for me, almost like Shirley Temple. The second time I put them in, I did it on blow dried hair and only left them in for 2 hours. If you've ever gotten a roller set, that's what my hair looked like but with a little extra curl and so full and bouncy. I fell in love with this way of doing it and just finger rolled my curls at night. The third time I tried it, i did it on air dried hair. It came out the same as blow dried hair. This is my go to way of doing it and I absolutely love it. My favorite part about them is it is good a blending my two textures (the new growth and the relaxed ends) The only thing is, I wish they were a little more comfortable. I start the curlformer right at the root which is a little tight but that is my only option since I want to blend my hair. If you hair is all one texture, you def don't have to start at the root and it'll be a little more comfortable for you. Last thing...what I really don't like it that at some point, your hair will grow out of the curlfomers :/ Women with straight hair can put them on their ends and be fine but since my hair is puffy, I don't want puffy roots and curly ends lol Oh and I bought 2 sets to get more defined curls, my hair is extremely thick.



The long and narrow curlformers are great on little girls hair


I had seen these curlformers advertized on a youtube video so I decided that I would try them on my daughter. She and I both have very thin stick straight hair.  It really didn't take that long for me to put them in her hair.  She did not like sleeping in them, she said they were very uncomfortable. Her hair was very cute after the curls were taken out. The only thing is when you put them in do not use too much hair or it will pull and get a little tangled, and you'll have to redo it. Also when you go to take them out be sure that you pull from the top alittle to get a start so it does not feel like you are pulling your hair out. It takes a few trys to get your feel of it. I absolutely love these things and for my hair I need a few more sets. You can also piggy back them. If you have really long hair like I do. Just start the next one where you left off at and so on. You will not be dissappointed in these curlers.

Percy, IL


Curlformers Long & Narrow hair curlers

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