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Curel Therapeutic Moisturizing Lotion

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SuPreme lotion


I have used this lotion since I was a child. There is nothing like it. I have tried to use another brand of lotion.... Usually because it is on sale, I have a coupon, etc..... But nothing comes even close to the quality of cruel lotion. It Moisturizes without leaving a sticky or oily residue

Lake Elsinore, CA


Curel lotion has made a big difference to my skin


I have dry skin normally and I've been living in a desert climate for the last ten years. As I've gotten older my skin has gotten drier and more sensitive. It's been hard to find something that really helped the drieness, but didn't feel heavy, sticky or greasy on my skin. When my daughter recomended Curel Therapeutic Mousture Lotion I decided to give it a try 9she lives here in the desert too.) i liked the way that it absorbed quickly into my skin but left it feeling better hystrated and smooth. it didn't seem to leave any residue on my skin either. I noticed within about the first week that my skin not only felt much better but it looked better too. i liked that it seemed to really last during the day unless I was doing a lot of cleaning or washing. It also has a very light clean scent to it that didn't clash with my perfume. Instead of using large amounts like I was with other lotions I tried, I found that just a light application would last me for the whole day.

Phoenix, AZ


Locks in Natural Moisture


I can definitely say after all the lotions and creams I have tried over the years to deal with my winter rough patches and exremely dry hands and feet, I would say that Curel is without a doubt the absolute most wonderful moisturizing product I have ever used on my body hands down.  Application of this lotion dosen't have to be five or six times a day.  You could literally put this stuff on in the morning and be all set until you go to bed.  In the winter, I suffer from extremely dry skin chapped to the point where it is bleeding and this product keeps me smooth year round.  Its something I would certainly put on tattoos and sunburns as well.  I stand behind and swear by this tried and true product and won't use anything else with harsh alcohols or scents that take away from what you are really looking for in a moisturizing skin care product.  What are we all looking for from lotion, a break from the dry, gritty winter skin!  It definitely complies!

Rochester, NH


one of the best lotions I've ever tried


I have extremely dry sensitive skin and cannot use a lot of lotions because of the fragrance.  When I tried Curel Therapeutic Moisturizing Lotion I knew I had found a lotion I would be able to use and afford for everyday use.  It is a nice thickness, soaks in fast and leaves no greasy residue,  The moisturized feeling lasts for several hours or until you wash your hands.  It won't clog pores and although it is billed as fragrance free I find it has a very light pleasing woodsy scent. There are other lotions or creams that are better at moisturizing and I like them for use at home.  Eucerin or Aquaphor, for instance , but I find them to be heavy and greasy and they tend to rub off on clothes.  I like this Curel because it soaks in fast yet lasts a long time.  I keep some in my desk and car and find myself using it every day,  Although the regular price of Curel is a little steep, I watch for a good two for one sale or clip coupons and then stock up.

Cape Coral, FL


Curel Therapeutic Moisturizing Lotion

4.5 4