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Foot Cream
Curel Targeted Therapy Deep Penetrating Foot Cream

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The best ever. Doctors recommended.


I broke both feet and ankles in cast for four months. My feet,legs, ankles were all cracked and ugly. It took no time to get them looking good. A friend referred me to Curel Deep Penetrating foot cream with Shea Butter. It's the best ever. I always buy it for others as well. Thank you, for such a good product.



A Must Have Cream For Diabetics


As a diabetic and a below the knee amputee I try to take care of my remaining leg and foot with different creams, lotions and balms to prevent cracks. Since I have troubles with occasional swelling and poor circulation in my right leg, using a moisturizing cream for my foot is a necessity in the winter. I used the Curel Targeted Therapy cream on my foot and leg when I had massive patches of dry skin and was getting worried that the cracking would result in an infection if the skin opened up. Within two days I started seeing results on the heel of my foot and along the side of my foot; on my leg I noticed that the skin was smoother but the dry skin was still there so I stuck with it for a few more days. This is something that is a little greasier than I prefer when it comes to a lotion but it works; I bought another tube of it when I was done with the first one to have in the shower so I could apply it to my foot and leg after I took a shower. Since then this has been impossible to find in retail stores in my area. The tube lasted me about a month but I was applying it often and applying it thick; normal users would probably be able to get three months from a tube. I wish that I could find this for use during the winter months because it is only one of a few products that worked on the thick skin that needed something stronger than a regular lotion to penetrate and moisten skin.



Foot therapy


There was a sale at our local drugstore for Buy one get one on Curel products. I have used Curel lotions for quite some time, so i decided to try the foot therapy. I am on my feet all day and my heels get very hard and crusty in my slip on shoes. I put the foot therapy on for a couple of nights and you wouldn't even know it had been so hard.

Horseheads, NY


Moisturizes feet so well


I suffer from dry feet especially in extreme weather conditions where the air is so dry or if it is very cold outside. My feet sometimes crack and peel leaving hard calluses at the bottom. I especially like to wear flip flops frequently so my feet are constantly exposed to the elements. Curel Deep Penetrating Foot Cream does wonders for my dry,cracked feet. It moisturizes my feet and lasts me the whole day.It has a nice light fragrance and does have a greay look or feel to it. The price was very cheap and the foot cream can be pretty much found anywhere. I liked to apply this in the morning before I get my day started and I do not have to worry about my feet thereafter because I know Curel's got me covered. This product is perfect for any age suffering from the same ailment.

Pensacola, FL


Curel Foot Cream is the best!


Now that I am in my 40's, it's hard to keep my "crusty" feet baby soft! I came across Curel foot cream and thought *"let me waste some money on another tube of foot lotion". * **Wow! ** What a surprise this stuff actually works! I apply it to my feet at night, put on some fuzzy socks and wake up in the morning with baby soft feet. I highly recommend this to anyone trying to make those wonderful pedicures last more than just one day.

Lynchburg, VA


Good foot cream for dry cracked skin


I have long suffered from dry, cracked skin on my feet, most noticeably my heels.  Sometimes to the point that it is painful.  So finding a foot cream that can help cure this problem would be incredible.  Curel Targeted Therapy deep-penetrating foot cream claims to have "noticeably smoother, softer feet in just two nights".  While this is probably an accurate claim, I don't know that it's much different than any other foot cream I've tried.  It comes in a 3.5oz squeeze top bottle, and the lotion itself does have a rich, creamy texture which is thicker than regular lotion.  It has a light floral scent, which personally is not my fragrance of choice, but it is not obnoxiously strong.  I have also used this cream on my knees and elbows which are also dry spots and it works well.  I have found, though, that more important than the lotion itself is wearing socks or covering your feet after applying the lotion so that it has time to absorb and moisturize without outside air drying out your skin.  This product is effective but is not going to produce "miracle" results.

Colorado Springs, CO


Curel Targeted Therapy Deep Penetrating Foot Cream

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