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Curad latex free bandages

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Protects Latex Sensitive Skin


This product is so wonderful for people who suffer from latex allergies. I have had a hard time finding bandages that will help to promote healing without causing a secondary problem with allergies. These bandages work the best. They are also very adhesive. I have also had trouble just keeping bandages on. These stick well, but do not cause rashes. In the past, I had to deal with itchy skin after using a bandage, but my skin stays clear with these bandages and protects and promotes healing of the original cut. I also recommend this product because the coloring of the product and the texture of the bandage also serve to hide the bandage. It doesn't announce itself. I also recommend this bandage because some other latex free products have been sort of flimsy and this product is strong and the bandages last much longer than any other that I have used. I highly recommend for anyone who has a latex allergy.



Not a very good band-aid


Curad band-aids are not strong enough. They are not durable and do not hold up well. Within a few hours of wearing they are ready to come off! They also buckle badly. I like a firm, protective band-aid that can endure some tough love-like hand washing, etc. the gauze pad inside is not very good either. It does not protect the wound too well and does not absorb neosporin or other ointments very well.



Curad latex free bandage is stickless!


Being a rather accident prone person, I often find myself in need of a bandage. Somewhere along the way I bought a box of Curad latex free bandages. The packaging is good in that they are easy to get open. They have a turned down edge that makes it easy to get a grip on and open up quickly. The bandage however has some flaws. It is very thin to begin with. The absorbent pad in the middle of the bandage is rather non-abosrbent. The adhesive has nearly no stick to it at all. After putting one of these Curad bandages on after a cut I received while doing dishes one day, the bandage began to become un-stuck within an hour. After an hour of trying to keep the bandage from getting caught on anything that might rip it off, I took it off and threw it in the trash. The pad had not absorbed most of the blood, instead it seeped out of the very non adhesive edge of the bandage. Trust me when I say, don't waste your money on this bandage. The only way they will stick is if you use duct tape to keep them on with !

Elizabethtown, PA


Curad latex free bandages

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