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Curad Sensitive Skin Bandages for Sensitive Skin, 50 Spots 50 Each

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Downsized SPOTS are useless


These USED to be a good product when they were 1" in diameter... February 2012 I bought a box and they are now 7/8" in diameter, a big reduction in adhesive surface area, and the pad is so off-center you can't get them to stick worth a darn. Why CURAD would want to damage their brand with such a cheapening of their product, is beyond me...



Curad Sensitive Skin Bandage keep your skin irritation free.


Do you have skin that becomes easily irritated by the glues and fabric in bandages? I do. These Curad Sensitive Skin Bandages are the absolute best at keeping the wound covered without leaving huge red marks or welts under the glue areas. Plus they don't pull your skin off with the removal of the bandage. I will never go back to regular bandages again. (Oh, and they still have the easy open packaging for each bandage, unlike another well known brand that seems to have eliminated that. Thus when you have a wound on one hand and are trying to open the bandage with the other hand, the other brand needs two hands to open it ... or one hand and your teeth, where-as the Curad packaging can be opened with just one hand if needed.) They have several different sizes besides the 50 spots package and I am sure you will find the sizes you need to keep your medical supplies on hand for those emergencies. 

Sharon, WI


Help for Sensitive Skin


I have Type 2 Diabetes and I am plagued with sensitivity on different areas of my skin. With CURAD SENSITIVE SKIN I am able to apply bandages without fear of pain. I highly recommened this product for everyone.

Tucson, AZ


Curad Sensitive Skin Bandages for Sensitive Skin, 50 Spots 50 Each

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