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Culligan Osmosis Reverse Drinking Water System

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Culligan water tastes great


We have had this Culligan Reverse Osmosis system for over five years. When we first started thinking about this system, we were planning to purchase it. After speaking with the representative, he told us there was an alternative to buying it and that would be renting it on a month to month basis. This method works the best for us. If anything goes wrong with the machine, Culligan fixes it and they maintain it on a regular basis. If we should have any type water leak that is caused by their machine, they are responsible for all clean-up and damages. I know it probably costs more to proceed in this manner, but we don't have to worry about any type of water issues. The water that this reverse osmosis system puts out is fantastic. We are on a well and the water is extremely hard and doesn't taste very good. I like knowing that the water we are drinking and cooking with is filtered and safe. We will probably always have a Culligan system.

SmallTown, TX


Culligan Osmosis Reverse Drinking Water System

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