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Cuisinart WAF-6 Traditional-Style 6-Slice Waffle Iron, Brushed Stainless Steel WAF%2D6


Cooks 6 full-size waffles for a family breakfast or a new twist on dessert. The sides of the elegant brushed stainless steel housing are slightly flared for a designer look that's practical too, catching drips before they hit the counter.

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Disappointing from Cuisinart


I like the Cuisinart brand and own several products. This waffle maker is my least favorite. It makes decent waffles and I don't have a problem with them sticking to it, so that's a plus. However, the grill panels do not remove, so cleaning the griddle is difficult. The worst part of this waffle maker is the handle. While part of the handle is made of black plastic, the edges of the handle are metal, and get VERY hot. Both my husband and I have sustained burns while trying to open or close this waffle maker. We purchased this a couple years ago, so hopefully they've changed the design. Overall, I would definitely not recommend this waffle maker; there have to be better, and safer, options out there. UPDATE: Within weeks of writing this review, this waffle maker stopped working entirely. Because of the problems we had with it previously, I just threw it away and made no attempt to contact customer service. Settings/Features I would have liked this so much more if there were a griddle too, as it's not very often we want to go to the trouble to make waffles, and it takes up a little too much space for a 'one trick pony.' Durability Edited to add: within a few years of occasional use, this waffle iron stopped working.

Midland, MI


Great for big morning breakfasts!


A lot of the times a holiday comes around like thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and father's day plus all the other ones, I tend to make a large breakfast for everyone. I share with friends, neighbors and any one else who wants to join. So having a waffle maker that can make six waffles at once and cooks them thoroughly and quickly is essential. I love that I can just whip up the batter, pour it in and close the lid and start to scramble some eggs. I only get about half way done with scrambling just a few eggs before the waffle maker is done, so that should tell you how fast it is. on occasion, I have been known to forget to check to see if the waffles are finished cooking or not so I love that this waffle maker has several settings for noises it makes when it is finished. You can set it to ding once, or repeat a certain amount of times in a row which is fantastic for such a busy baker as myself who is all hustling and bustling around the kitchen trying to make toast, waffles, eggs, bacon, biscuits, and sausage all at the same time, some times I am cooking even more than that at a time!



declious six slice traditional waffles


The Cuisinart 6-Slice Traditional Waffle Maker is a traditional styled waffle maker that can cook up to six waffles at a time. It has six settings to choose how light or dark that you want your waffles. I also has a red light to tell you when it's turn on, and a green light to tell you when your waffles are done. The Cuisinart 6-Slice Traditional Waffle Maker was a bit expensive compared to other waffle makers, but it was completely worth the price. The waffle maker is made out of stainless steel vs. the plastic other waffle makers are made out of. It's also better because it makes size waffles at a time, and it only takes about three minutes. So I you are making breakfast for your family or your friends you can have a delicious breakfast made quick. I also like that you can choose the brownness of the waffles. Most inexpensive waffles makers don't have that feature. This feature allows me to have my waffles just the way I like them, and not burnt or undercooked. The waffles always come out with a nice brown crisp to them, but soft in the middle. The only downside is that if you accidentally pour too much batter in, the sides of the waffle maker will over flow creating a big mess. But that can happen with any waffle maker. All in all I would say that this makes the best waffles I've had at home, and they always come out perfect. If you are looking for a sturdy and long lasting waffle maker, this is for you. Performance It makes nice traditional sized waffles. This waffle maker does not make Belgian waffles though. The waffles always come out delicious, nice, and crispy. I like how I can choose how brown I want my waffles, and they always come out just the way I like them. Settings/Features You can make up to six waffles. You can choose between six controls to pick how light or dark you want your waffles. It has a red light to tell you when the waffle maker is on, and a green light to tell you the waffles are done. It also has non-stick baking plates. Ease of Cleaning It's very easy to clean because it has non-stick plates. I just wipe off the side of the waffle maker where the excess batter has spilled over. Other then that there really isn't much of a clean up. Ease of Use It's very easy to use. The waffle maker is non-stick so you don't have to spray it down with any oil spray. Just make the batter, turn on the waffle maker, pour the batter in, close it, and wait for the light on he waffle maker to turn green, and then they are done. Durability This is probably one of the most durable, and most well made waffle makers I've had. It's stable, and I never have had any problems with it. The non-stick coating is still good, and lasts time after time I use it.

Stroudsburg, PA


Easy to use, but gets very hot


We bought this a couple of years ago as a replacement for my ancient waffle maker from my grandmother. I liked the design, and it seemed like it would work well. The temperature settings are pretty accurate, and the timer is a nice feature when you're trying to get a few things ready at a time. It's very easy to clean, which is nice. The cons: it needs a channel around the outside to keep excess batter from spilling over the edge. It also gets hot around the edges, and is very easy to burn yourself on if you're not careful. I do like this waffle maker - it works well. The more I use it, the more I'm familiar with how full to make it, and where to not touch it.

Center Barnstead, NH


Another Cuisinart gem


We have several Cuisinart appliances and have loved them all. The 6 slick waffle maker (WAF-6) is no exception. It's very easy to use and we have had no issues with it and we've had it for over a year. It makes great waffles and the settings are very simple. It's very easy to clean, I just wipe it quickly when cool and it's all set for the next time we use it. It looks nice on the counter since it's stainless steel

Salem, OR


Not impressed with this Cuisinart 6-Slice Waffle Maker


I was shocked when I bought and began to use the Cuisinart 6-Slice Traditional Waffle Maker WAF-6. Cuisinart products are always top quality and work well in my experience, so I was expecting to love this waffle maker. Upon first inspection, I noticed that each waffle is smaller than the size of those on the traditional four waffle maker (Cuisinart) so the larger size was not quite as large as expected. So be aware you are not getting 150% by using this instead of a four-waffle maker. Also the waffles just do not turn out very well. They are never crisp on the outside but are rather soggy. I have used other waffle makers and have never had this happen so I do not believe it is user error. I have even used the Cuisinart 4-Waffle maker and loved it. Overall I was not happy with the quality of this waffle maker. The waffles just didn't turn out well and you are really not making that much more food by using this waffle maker vs a four waffle maker so I find that misleading.

Charleston, SC


Super easy waffles! Breakfast will never be the same


I have never been one for big breakfast, even for my kids I have kept it simple with cereals or whichever breakfasts of that nature they prefered. Occasionally pankcakes. I saw the 6 slice waffle maker in my store and thought, that looks really easy.. the kids might love it. Not to use it, but to have waffle's once in a while, they definitely would enjoy it. And so I bought it and set it up the next morning, I was blown away. It doesn't take forever to heat up which is great, it makes SIX waffles at once like the box said it would and after use it was just so easy to wipe up and clean. It does tend to stay hot for a while after use, I wouldn't say it's a bad thing, but after use I like to put stuff away, so this needs to stay out and breathe abit after use forsure. Overall, it's just so great and easy, we love making our waffles now. Even on the side with their cereal, the kids love them and I love making them.

Beverly Hills, CA


Not just great for waffles!


The Cuisinart 6-slice waffle maker is the best thing since sliced bread. No more making 2 waffles at a time for my family of 6. Now, everyone has a waffle at the same time. It is easy to use and it indicates when it is hot enough to drop your batter. We have had it for 5 months and use it every Sunday as well as during the week, and it still looks brand new. Clean up is easy with a damp paper towel. What I REALLY love, is that it doubles as a pannini maker among other things. My 10 year old son uses it to make tasty sandwiches, warm up bagels, and heat up ham steaks. I even used it to make "stuffed" waffles, as seen on Rachel Ray. Now that we have this waffle iron, I don't know what I would do with out it. Not only is it a sturdy and useful appliance, but it looks good too. It is modern yet it has that old-fashioned diner feel. In this instance, you get what you pay for. It definitely costs more than your regular waffle iron, but it is money well spent.

Arlington, MA


Pretty good waffles from the Cuisinart 6 slice Waffle iron


I spent a lot of time researching for the perfect waffle iron.  I was looking for a waffle iron that makes the standard (non-Belgian) waffles.  I like them crisp and realtively dense.  We don't make waffles too often, so I didn't want to spend too much, but wanted good quality.  This waffle iron looked like a good option.  Overall, it is pretty good.  Makes nice crispy waffles that are not too thick.  It is great that it makes 6 waffles at a time.  That way I can make enough for the whole family within a short time period so we can eat together and no one gets cold waffles.  It beeps when the waffles are cooked, which is really nice, so you don't have to keep checking the light over and over.  There are 6 settings for waffles.  I use 4 and the waffles turn out with a nice crisp to them.  The recipe book that comes with this waffle iron must be for a different product or from an older model.  It says to put 2 cups of batter in the waffle iron.  Don't do this --- it will overflow like crazy and make clean-up a chore.  Best to stick with about half that amount. 

Oxford, PA


Love it!


I absolutely love the cuisinart waffle maker! We use it once a week and it has consistently made delicious waffles. I make batches of waffles and freeze them for morings when we have to be out quickly but want a nutrious waffle. There are so many healthy recipes that you can use! We have been so happy with this waffle maker. We have had it for about five years and have never had a problem. We are hoping that it lasts for years to come. It stores flat and easy. It is a little difficult to clean because it cannot get wet but that is to be expected with a waffle iron. I am just happy that it makes great waffles and the light that tells you they are done really does work! I always wait for the light to change before i take my waffles out. They come out piping hot and ready to be eaten! They waffles are able to be separated so that you can give some to each family member while you make more! So times I have a hard time keeping up with how fast they eat them!!

Leesburg, VA


Cuisinart WAF-6 Traditional-Style 6-Slice Waffle Iron, Brushed Stainless Steel WAF%2D6

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