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Cuisinart Smooth Operator Duet Blender and Food Processor

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nice prudect


i will buy this prodect



Perfect for kitchens.


Perfect for the kitchen and home, women also want to learn the art of cooking woman or man this wonderful species and don't take the time, easy handling and facilitates all types of cuisine and this comment from work tired in addition you are President of the cooking class no. 1 rushed to acquire these types off and there are many varieties and many outstanding success in the art of cooking with of this art.



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My hubby and I were walking through a discount store one day a few years ago and saw this on the shelf. We decided that we could no longer live without a smoothie maker after seeing it and thinking of all the wonderful things we could make. Into the cart it went! It wasn't cheap so on the way home I was having a little bit of buyers remorse, however, that didn't last long. Once we got it up and running and were pleasantly pleased with the results! It is very powerful and can turn small pieces of frozen fruit with some water or juice into an amazingly tasty smoothie. At first we used it to make the occasional fruit smoothies as an after dinner treat (much healthier than ice cream or other dessert items). Then I started to use it almost daily for breakfast smoothies and now I really couldn't live without it. Even our 16 month old little boy loves his blueberry banana apple fruit smoothies. As if that wasn't enough, after about a year of having it I was re-reading the instruction booklet and remembered that it came with a food processor too! I found it and tried it and it's been so useful for so many things. Last month I thought I'd also try to use the slicer and shredder that the food processor part comes with and I was again pleasantly surprised at all the bells and whistles this little product has. I've really enjoyed our purchase.

Hancock, MI


Cuisinart Smooth Operator Duet Blender and Food Processor

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