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Cuisinart SmartPower Premier Duet Blender/Food Processor

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Cheap plastic, keep having to reorder parts. Don't do it!


Hardly ever use this, and the few times we take it out to use it, the food processor clear plastic components always has broken bits/chips, and we have to reorder parts. Ease of Use Buttons not intuitive. Durability As mentioned before, clear plastic parts ridiculously cheap.



Awesome dual-purpose blender/food processor


Having a small kitchen means not having room for every small appliance I want. Enter the Cuisinart CBT-500FP SmartPower Premier Duet Blender. It's name is quite a mouthful, but the product is basically a combination food processor and blender. It comes with one base with the usually controls - on/off, purlse, ice crush, and high/low. Definitely good enough for my purposes! What is really cool is that you can use the same base with either a blender cup and blade (which is more than big enough to make two large smoothies in!) or the food processing cup with the traditional shape and food spout, if you will. The blender works beautifully, blending smoothies perfectly! The food processor also works very well! I haven't done any fancy using the food processor, but for chopping onions and pureeing tomatoes it worked like a charm! Best of all, for the Cuisinart brand (which is awesome) buying this duet blender is also a money saver! Two good quality products for one reasonable price! UPDATE: I have had this on my counter for quite some time now, and it is still pretty great. Sometimes I have issues when blending icy drinks, but with some patience I find most things come out fine. The food processor is also very useful. It is smaller than a stand-alone unit, but it suits my purposes perfectly.

Newcastle, WA


Very powerful blender in the Cuisinart blender!


I recently purchased this Cuisinart Blender that also comes with a food processor. I think the food processor is a little small, but will be nice to mix a small batch of fresh salsa, or to mix dressings. It comes with a cheese grater and I don't see myself ever using it, just because it would take too much effort to cut the cheese into small enough pieces to get through the food processor. But for small jobs the food processor will come in handy. I really bought this for the blender anyway so the food processor is just a bonus for me. As far as the blender goes, I'm sold. We make smoothies frequently in our house and the first time I used it I could tell a difference in the power of this blender. It blends up frozen fruit amazingly well. I am very impressed. One thing that is a little quirky with this blender is the buttons. It was a little confusing to me to figure out exactly how all the buttons work, but not a big deal. Also the spout is a little wide and it makes it hard to pour it into a cup.

South Jordan, UT


good combination


I like to use this since it's convenient to have both functionality of blender and food processor to safe room to store in the kitchen. The food processor can chop, puree, and ground and the blender can make lots of yummy smoothies with it such as strawberry banana. I have used the food processor to ground and puree pork, beef and chicken. It works nicely, but you have to cut the meat first in small portions. Some meat does get caught in the area between the push plastic, so you will need to stop and stick it back in the mixture in order for those to ground as well. The container is easy to clean, but some do get stuck on the bottom of the blade and you will need to use a stick to twirl in the bottom hole to get the meat out. It is very loud and in the beginning when I used it, my daughter got scared of the loud noise and wake her up during the night.

San Jose, CA


Cuisinart Blender is great! Makes fantastic smoothies.


I love this blender! I have used it for making smoothies, mixed drinks (daquiris, margaritas, and etc.), and blending food.  It works quickly and efficiently. When blending ice, it only takes a few seconds for it to all be evenly blended. It does make a good bit of noise though.  The 600 watt motor is definitely working when you turn on this appliance.  I do not find it to be too loud however some people might.  The glass holder is also pretty heavy, but the glass has the measuring increments right on the side for convenient mixing.  My one complaint with this blender would be the extra wide pour spout.  I find it hard to pour at times without some spillage.  I combat this complaint though by pouring over the sink or using a funnel if putting into a much smaller container. Also, it may be a bit pricey for some.  This is a very attractive blender.  It looks very nice sitting on my counter top.  There is no need to hide when company comes over. Over all, I find this to be a fully functional and easy to use blender.  It has a great deal of power compared to previous blenders that I have owned.  I definitely recommend!

Opelousas, LA


Good workhorse at a reasonable cost


This blender does a great job use after use.  We make kefir smoothies on a daily basis for our large family and it always works well.  The motor is extremely powerful so, for the price, you get a very good dependable blender. There are some things that it doesn't do so well such as hot items.. one time a hot soup recipe called for pureeing in a blender, which was a disaster-  the lid came flying off because of the steam and hot soup went all over the kitchen.  The instructions do say not to use hot items but that is a limitation.  Also, at times I've tried to make homemade applesauce after cooking apples on the stove.  I've had to add a lot of liquid to make the blender work.  However, for everyday sort of things such as smoothies, this does great.  It really purees well and I like how you can see how long you've been going for on the digital count-up timer.  It's also nice to have an ice crush feature.  All-in-all, good blender for the price. 

Brookfield, WI


My cuisinart CBT-500 works like a charm ,I really like it


I have used the  Cuidinard blender for years and I am quite satified with it.  I like it because can blend and crush hard things such a coconuts and ice and does a marvallous job on fruits for making fruit drinks.

Bradenton, FL


Cuisinart SmartPower Premier Duet Blender/Food Processor

3.7 7