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Cuisinart SmartPower Premier Duet Blender/Food Processor, Stainless Steel CB-600FPPC4

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It was great until it broke.


Ie loved this blender until it suddenly broke. It was powerful but quit and simple to use, and it looked great. The food processor was the perfect size, and very handy. After a year and a half of moderate use which was mostly smoothies the plastic gear thing connecting the motor to the blender just shattered. We bought ours at a retailer that we returned it to but If Cuisinart ever fixes this only issue we would definitely buy another one again. Ease of Assembly It was very easy to use and efficient. I used it almost everyday. It helps me prepare my healthy foods without wasting too much time. It was a great machine and it had made my life so much easier. Durability I only needed a small capacity food processor so this was perfect. I used this blender part a few times to make some frozen beverages with just liquid and ice and it worked fine. I just don't like is how it was cheaply made and broke.



Good product overall.


Very sturdy, good looking blender to keep on your counter top. Blends very well in just a short period of time. The only thing I would change is I would make it easier to transition from the blender to the food processor. Power Has a very powerful motor to blend and use as a food processor. Safety Is a safe product as the lid stays on very well while in use. Just be careful that you don't cut yourself on the blades when you are cleaning it. Ease of Assembly It is very easy to assemble the blender part of the product, but in my opinion the food processor part requires too much assembly. Ease of Cleaning Easy to clean as residue washes right off. Just keep in mind that with any product, residue comes off easier if you cleaning right after use instead of letting residue stay on it for several hours. Durability A very well made and durable product. Had it for several years and use it almost everyday for smoothies. No parts ever broke or needed replacement.

Matawan, NJ


Two great appliances in one!


This was a great idea for Cuisinart, since many of my fellow boomers are downsizing and looking to simplify but still needing reliable kitchen appliances so we can cook in our (non-existent) spare time as retirees. You lose some of the extra things that a high end processor can do, but not much, as I'm not making as large quantities, or using the more unusual discs, etc. I haven't even used all of the pieces that come with this one. I think that the size is adequate for most occasions, and if you need more for something like Thanksgiving you can just process in batches. The same goes for the blender, which works as well as my Cuisinart blender that didn't form a duo sharing one motor. I actually donated my fairly new one to my daughter so that I could get the combo, and I've never been sorry. The motor is quite powerful, and I've given it quite a workout! Power It's quite good, but the larger professional ones, do have more powerful motors, but I haven't found that they have been necessary. Safety It has all the usual guards against getting your fingers in the processor. Ease of Assembly Even w/o directions, it's pretty intuitive. Ease of Cleaning It's as easy as any I've had, but I've never liked cleaning any of them! Durability I've had it for over a year, and it's still going strong.

Riverside, NJ


Cuisinart SmartPower Premier Duet Blender/Food Processor, Stainless Steel CB-600FPPC4

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