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Cuisinart SmartPower CB-18BKSS 18-Speed Blender

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A great blender for ice crushing and drink making.


I really like this blender. I've had it for several years and go through periods of using it a lot. It looks good enough to sit out on the counter. It crushes ice really well and also blends smoothies perfectly. If anything ever happens to it, I'd buy another one just like it right away. I'm impressed with the Cuisinart brand. This replaced an Oster blender and it is leaps and bounds better. I was worried about the glass carafe, but have managed not to break it. If you need a blender, this is a great one! Blending Power It's pretty good, but I sometimes have to stop and stir up thicker blends. Versatility I use it for smoothies, drinks, and ice crushing. Ease of Cleaning Everything comes apart and is dishwasher safe! It's never come out of the dishwasher still dirty. Ease of Use It's very intuitive and easy to use. I use it a lot for drinks. Design It looks great. I don't mind having it sit out on my kitchen counter. Durability I've had it for several years and have crushed a lot of ice with it. Still works like new!




Cuisinart SmartPower CB-18BKSS 18-Speed Blender

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