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Cuisinart Small Round Waffle Maker

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This easy to use machine will cook your waffles golden-brown!


Excellent product! As a big fan of Belgian waffles (who could actually eat them every day), it was a no brainer purchase. The only problem was selecting between the numerous brands and makes. I can't speak for other brands but this one is excellent. The non-stick surface means the waffles pop right out and it doesn't take much to clean this product. SO easy to use because you let it preheat and put in your batter. Wait a few minutes and your waffle will come out golden-brown and ready to eat. That's it! You should know that it is very natural for a non-stick waffle maker to steam and smoke while it's making waffles and should not be alarmed. I know I was at first. Great product, and as long as you provide it with good waffle batter, the outcome will be delicious with whipped cream, maple syrup and other various fruit syrups. If you are a fan of Belgian waffles and don't necessarily want to go to a breakfast place to get them, buy this machine.




Great waffle maker


Just writing this review has me wanting a waffle! We use this so much I keep it on top of the microwave oven. I did have to read the directions and play around to find that settings that make the waffles the way we prefer. But once we did, we were all set. This makes great waffles. I don't use the recipes though as I have my own favorite. The clean up on this is a breeze. Performance Makes great waffles. You will have to play around with the settings to make the waffle you enjoy the most. Settings/Features Quite simple. Ease of Cleaning So simple. You can just wipe off with a cloth. Ease of Use Pretty easy. Durability We've had this for about 3 years and lose it at least once a week and it's still great.




Cuisinart waffle maker works great


This is fairly recent purchase but so far I am generally pleased with it. I have always been satisfied with cuisinart products so figured when we needed a new waffle maker that this brand was the way to go. At first it took a little bit of figuring out to understand how it worked....the instructions are a bit confusing as far as red light, green light and beeping and we couldnt figure out when it was preheated versus when to put the waffle mix in and when it was ready. If you dont time it perfectly, you really wont know when its done! Also, be careful with the amount of batter you put in, it takes time to learn the right amount, because is can get messy and hard to clean when it spills outside the edges. But the end result, it makes really nice looking waffles that are great once you get the hang of this machine!


Beverly Hills, CA


Cuisinart waffle maker does the job.


I've had this waffle maker for 6 years. It does what it's supposed to do, but it doesn't do it very well. I love all of my cuisinart appliances, but even though I LOVE waffles, this is my least favorite appliance. It doesn't heat evenly, and it seems to loose heat over the 30 minutes or so it takes for me to make waffles. I still use it--it's the only waffle maker I have, but I have used other waffle makers, and it always makes me want to get a new one. Cuisinart, though, usually has fabulous customer service, so I bet if I called them and told them, they'd replace it.


Muncie, IN


The Cuisinart small round waffle maker is the best for two.


I looked for a long time for the perfect waffle maker that was not too large.  When I found the Cuisinart my search was over.  My husband loves to have a waffle breakfast on Sunday and this product makes the perfect waffle.


Neptune, NJ


Cuisinart Small Round Waffle Maker

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